Adventure game developers season’s greetings video 2017

Every year before Christmas Adventure Gamers publishes a video containing the season greetings by some adventure game developers.

You can read who these developers are in this Adventure Gamers’ article but I’m sure you’ll recognize a few familiar faces.

And here is the video:


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That’s the spirit!:slightly_smiling_face:

Standing by … though I would have been more in favour of a KISS :wink:

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Damnit, @rarog4k messed it up! :frowning:

I would like to share this point of view: if any new thread about a specific topic can be immediately transformed into a random chat about other irrelevant stuff, the kind of environment that will arise might alienate people and deprive them of any motivation to suggest new topics of discussion or even to discuss anything in the first place.

I’m not saying that what has happened to me (stopping most of my writing activities because natural selection made this website a giant random chat instead of a discussion forum) has happened also to other people, because I have no evidence of it. I’m just saying that there is no point for me to report a news or to suggest a new topic of discussion if I perceive that nobody cares about both adventure games and the time people spend reporting news or suggesting new topics.

To clarify: this is not an issue for me, I have already stopped reporting most adventure game related news and I can just stop it completely if nobody cares about it. I just wanted to share my experience with you because I hypothesize that it might be difficult to realize that this way to treat new topics can be perceived as a giant “f**k off” by anyone who tries to discuss about specific topics.


I think this is exactly the reason why this forum is still alive. :slight_smile:

This forum is (originally) about TWP. But there weren’t any news in the past. The last new topic from Ron in the last few weeks was about fan art. If somebody is stuck in TWP he/she/it would read one of the many solutions/walkthroughs. And if you are interested in adventure games then other forums are bigger and far more popular (for example the one at Adventure Gamers). Why should new users come over to this forum and what should we post here about TWP?

So let’s face it: This forum is just still alive because a bunch of TWP fans is chatting constantly about everything.

Please don’t stop that. Even if you don’t get (much) comments, at least I appreciate each hint to new adventures. (II don’t visit regularly the common adventure games news sites.)

One problem with these news reports is, that we can’t give you -hm- “proper” feedback. In most cases, we can just thank you for the hint with a like or a comment “thank you, this game looks interesting”. As there isn’t much more to say, these threads turn quickly into a chat.

And I still think that a hierarchical presentation (like in the blog) of the answers would be much much better because you can see the off-topic stuff only if you like. But that’s a technical/design issue.

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That’s actually another interesting point. I need an indicator that tells me “This post was interesting” or “This post wasn’t interesting”, so that I can decide if reporting adventure game news here makes sense or not. Now, if likes are gamed to write words, I loose the last indicator I had to understand if people like to get news about adventure games or if it just annoys people to the point that they just start playing with both the thread contents and the likes. :smiley:

Anyway, no big issue. I can adapt. :slight_smile:

I must say that this particular post is really nothing I could add anything to except a “thanks for sharing”. But if a like does the job, why not?

As far as general activity is concerned we have on going projects like the italian fandub, the animated podcasts even wild thoughts about fan sequels and in a few weeks probably the Ransome uncensored DLC, so in general I´d say this is far from over.

I also recently reported about my experiences playing TwP on the PS4 and a few other adventure games I tried out (like Life Is Strange). I don´t really get much of any response on that, but that doesn´t really stop me from doing so in the future. At the moment I´m playing Grim Fandango Remastered on PS4 btw…

So do what you do and whatch those likes. :slight_smile:

Definitely one reason why I keep coming back. Plus, I’m always up for something fun and/or silly :slight_smile:.

As odd as this may sound, the only other adventure game forum I used to frequent was that of Daedalic. But as they no longer create sub forums for their latest games, I gave up visiting that one. Blame (a)social media!

I’d actually thought about commenting on-topic yesterday, but would that have been appropriate in a thread that already took a turn in a different direction?

Anyway, better late then never:

  • Detective Gallo
    if that game is anywhere near as fun as the seasons greetings, I’ll definitely have to give it a try. The video certainly put that on my radar
  • Daedalic
    I’ve already known that Poki is a man of low moral fiber, but using the opportunity to hawk merchandise and advertise his band was low … and so likely to be expected.
  • Wadjet Eye
    Anyone knows to what game the music from 20:30 belongs to? Sounds vaguely familiar, though it’s got more of a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe to it than anything I played of Wadjet Eye.

Nope, totally forbidden. We´re all very strict and rigorous about our unorganized looseness!

I think you should create a new thread in off-topic category and link it here if you really want to post on-topic stuff :slight_smile:

Anyway: back to on-topic which is considered off-topic now but anyways:

Adventure Gamers is making those seasonal greeting videos every year, so I’ve made this list:

Does any of those feature people from team Thimbleweed or other Lucasfilm/Lucasarts alumni? Other than Tim Schafer.
I watched the 2017 expecting to see Ron dressed up as red-nosed reindeer. Because that’s just the kind of thing he’d do. :laughing: But no…
Idea for 2018: @David with fake nose glasses, @RonGilbert with reindeer antlers, Gary as Santa, Mark as little Elf (we know from the podcasts that he has the voice down and they both don’t exist ) and @jenn as Christmas tree (she gets something of a challenge as she has proven her cosplay skills before).
“Ho! Ho! oh boy…”

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I think Ron would be more content as Scrooge :wink:


Dave Grossman and Bill Tiller are in many of those. There is also Dave Gilbert, it’s like Ron but with a D.
Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick were in the 2014 one, TWP in 2016.

There are quite a lot from Sierra Online but especially: Josh Mandel who is in most of the videos! Sadly not the current one.

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Don Gilbert? Secret Mob Boss?

Oh yeah, the Don!

Remember when he wanted to kill those poor pillow bears?


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Oh, those things that make Teddy Ruxpin look pleasant!:sweat_smile:

They usually ask me to be in them and I always say no, except for 2015 and 2016. They didn’t ask me in 2017.

So they learn…