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The most funny part of this post, is that @BigRedButton liked it :+1:


Don’t be afraid of Trump. This community still has the biggest one. :wink:

:ransome:: Mhhhh, I wonder what this _beep_ing big button does.

It plays games. :delores:

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Recently I noticed something neat about this community.


And here:

You know what that means? We got the Rule of Three down! That makes us good comedians! :smiley:

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Haha :smile: good observation! I remember writing about the rule of three in my dissertation about literary sadomasochism, but can’t remember why exactly.

It’s so true though - things in threes give a sense of completion, like dun, dun, duuuun!

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Sounds interesting. Doesn´t happen to be publicly available somewhere by any chance?

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It is not… It’s one of those things where I’m a bit scared to read it again after such a long time, for fear it will be rubbish. Maybe I’ll have a look at some point though, and if it’s respectable enough I’ll post it :wink:

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If it is maybe you should have done it like @jenn and put part of it in a book in the TwP library.

Oh yeah, that would’ve been a good idea. I’ll save it for TwP II.


Nooooooo! I would like to read your dissertation too! :slight_smile:

(btw: Hasn’t a dissertation to be published? :wink: )

Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I’d probably say that anyway.

Quoting from your link:

…maybe Nor TrebliNg?

I noticed that too and was wondering when someone would point that out. :joy:

Like in the Trinity, a trilogy, the three stooges, the three little pigs, the three playable characters in Maniac Mansion and DOTT, the three important looking pirates, the Three Trials, the three members of the crew, the three cannibals of Monkey Island, the three steps in front of Ransome’s bed, the three Tron Machines in the coroner’s office, who in turn has a triple personality…

…not to mention The Marvellous Three Italian Dubbing Directors™!!!

Oh, and the three exclamation marks after the last sentence.

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Which is, y’know, grammatically incorrect but… *mumble mumble*

The three installments of Monkey Island games…oh wait…:frowning:

For someone openly proclaiming her own pedantry in these things you´re doing this surprisingly rarely.

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like Monkey Island

oh, wait…