MI2 Full Commentary Audio File Existence?


Does anyone know if a full “unedited” audio file of this entire commentary session exists?

I would really like to listen to it in podcast form.


Interestingly enough it is the first downloadable game ever with “audio commentary”

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Would be nice, since in the game many comments seem to start and end in the middle of a sentence.

However, I have to agree and disagree with two points Ron is raising in this commentary…


The reason the pants dropping is funny is because it counteracts a rare moment of pride Guybrush displays in that moment. It´s an unexpected burst of irony, thus funny.


The reason Captain Dread is a good name is not only because he has Dreadlocks but also because it´s a classic pirate name as in Dread Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride. Which may come from the fact that he is (or more likey wants to be) dreaded by people. It´s a clever double entendre.

Do you want me to explain more jokes to you? Come and crash on my couch!

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Hell no I’d have to transcribe all that too! Although @besmaller already has the video right there, with the real people acting it out.

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Are the videos “unedited”? In that case you could just download the audio (tracks) from YouTube. There are several tools out there to achieve that.

I thought you are transcribing all available podcasts in the Internet?

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No sadly they are just 4 minute highlights of an entire monkey island 2 session

As in they commented over the entire game over I imagine a period of like 2/3 hours and then it was chopped up into byte sized pieces in the game

And sadly only 4, 4 minute videos here :frowning:

Tim Schafer said the graphics of Monkey 2 is faulty but after all they were just experimenting with scanners.

Ron Gilbert said it’s just a freaking videogame and you should not overthink it.

These guys are crazy. I don’t wanna hear no more.


He didn´t know it at the time. But this was to be @seguso ´s final ever post. Because right after he typed these words this happened:

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(the heart was given with my phone. I still have my phone)


You can try to extract the audio commentary from the game with this tool:

The game doesn´t seem to be complete either, as I´ve said they often seem to start mid-sentence and there are many screens that don´t have commentary. I think he´s looking for the full uncut thing in one single file.

Yes, but the in-game commentary would be more complete than the video snippets. And I don’t think that there exists a “full” recording - I would guess that they recorded several separate files, one for each scene.

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good find. here’s some more MI guiness records from a quick search:






Thanks I will try that, I love the “quick and easy” software person, they are awesome!

Yup that is what I am looking for alright, sad that it might be in a vault somewhere never to be rediscovered =(

Great finds!

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That site is great for all sort of trivia:

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You´ll never be able to watch that footage the same way again. You´re welcome.

A small step for man, a great relief for Buzz!


So after some sleuthing and after taking the advice of @Someone to use the MI explorer which is a great little tool.

I have discovered 2 things about the commentary.

  1. [it is a 2/3 hour session]

I was correct in thinking that the commentary was a long 2/3 hour commentary session broken up into tiny snippets for the game, and the developer decided not to included all of the session.

I have come to this conclusion based on the way these files are numbered (see pictures below)

As you can see they all start with the prefix:


if you look down the list in the second picture, when they are arranged by name, the numbers often jump large gaps in between each snippet for example:

(jumps a large gap to)

Which means at least 4 other snippets of commentary exist between “any” and “woodtick” which were not included in the game.

This leads me to believe that a full audio file or project exists somewhere with an unedited 2/3 hour commentary.

But most likely is in the hands of Disney/Lucasfilm Archives, which means it most likely will never be heard! SAD TIMES

  1. [It’s badly edited]

The problem then is, the snippets of commentary we are lucky to have are all terribly edited, often cutting off midway through someones sentences or even cutting of in the middle of words.

It is quite irritating, just as someone is getting into a point the snippet grinds to a halt.

So the silver lining, I have loaded them all into logic pro x and edited them all in order together, leaving short, second long gaps, between each of the aforementioned snippets.

I will upload the file to the internet in the coming days for anyone that may be interested to listen to the 30 minute long commentary which jumps wildly from topic to topic because of the poor original edit and the lack of the full commentary.

At least we have that I suppose, there was one or two snippets I never heard in game, such as a story regarding Tim Schafer using a spray bottle to annoy Ron Gilbert and David Grossman. It made me laugh.

I will leave you with a picture of the file sitting on my desktop in the hands of someone rather evil, with another poor soul holding his ears in pain because of the low quality of the original edit!


Well, if the in-game commentary doesn’t cut off mid-sentence, you cannot really accuse anyone of poor editing…
I understand it is a hinderance in your quest to your holy grail of the original, uncut commentary session… but as with any recording sessions, there are things that might have been lost, overwritten,…for eternity. It only makes the things you do have more interesting.

I don’t think that necessarily follows. They could be the audio for Script #1007 or Room #1007 or something along those lines, without any particular expectation that every single script or room comes with commentary attached. You’d have to check the Scumm code to explore that hypothesis. I’m not immediately sure how one would go about that though.


The name of the file also screams of pro tools/ Logic Pro file naming conventions to me. So I genuinely think it’s hard to call.

But the easiest setup would be a long take chopped up