Michael Land, Clint Bajakian and Peter McConnell playing MI theme LIVE!

I have watched this video many times before, and I am sure a few of you would have also seen it, but until just now I didn’t realize that the 3 guys at front on Piano, Bass and Acoustic Guitar are actually Michael Land, Clint Bajakian and Peter McConnell respectively.

That is so cool, that they all came along to perform the music live, considering they pretty much were the music for Lucas Arts, and all had a hand in MI at some point in their tenures at Lucas Arts!

I just thought it was a super cool surprise that was worth sharing!


Is this on an official VGL video (DVD) (too)?

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I am not sure… but definitely worth checking out if someone else, has access to something like that!

I have the CDs and one DVD - somewhere… :slight_smile: (That’s why I asked. But I’ll try to find them in the next days.)

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I’ve had a look at the VGL website:

On the Level 5 album is “Grim Fandango”.
On the Level 3 album is “Monkey Island”.

The available DVD “Video Games Live” follows Level 2, so no Monkey Island on it.

It’s the best Monkey Island performance I’ve ever seen! Not the second one, this is definitely the best! :blush:

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This video has a better sound quality, though.

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Great, thank you!

I’ve checked:

On the VGL Level 3 album (still available in the VGL Shop) Peter McConnell plays guitars and Clint Bajakian is playing bass. It seems that you can hear them in all songs. Michael Land plays Keyboards only during the Monkey Island theme (this is mentioned explicitly).

Note that the tracks on Level 3 are studio recordings, but the Monkey Island track on that CD is the version that you can hear in the video linked in the first post.


This is a rip of the Level 3 CD. You can buy it here.

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I love how people cheer after the red herring joke.

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I have also found a live twitch stream of a different show, that only includes Clint and Peter. No Michael sadly, but it’s close up of the two guys and the sound is reasonable:


I have tears in my eyes by watching this :sweat_smile: