Guga plays Monkey Island

I finally got to record a fairly decent rendition of my own Monkey Island theme arangement.

It has errors, but I don’t care. I just wanted to show it to you.


Beautiful. Envious.
How did you learn to play so well?

And what does your T-Shirt say?


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m self taught, in fact, despite playing since 15 years, I still make lots of errors :smile:

My shirt says “Warsaw” in the Star Wars font :stuck_out_tongue: a gift from Poland by my sister


It’s just… I want to play as well… first I need a piano. And then I learn. :wink:

That’s a pretty cool shirt.


That was utterly beautiful. I actually feel a bit emotional! I’ve not heard it slowed down like that before, but it really works.

Are you playing from memory?


All I play is from memory :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t read music. Or, I can, but only to get to learn the notes. Seeing a score doesn’t help me the slightest in playing, I have to stop and count the staves to recognize the notes :smiley:


To me, that’s even more impressive than reading sheet music! :smiley:



Hearing something like this, I really regret that I never learned to play a musical instrument.


Same here, but most guitarists can´t read sheet music, really.

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Well done, sounds great

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tabs is as far as I go

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That’s just f**** awesome.
Your positioning of the hands/fingers give it away that you are self-taught, but I can only dream of playing the piano like that!

nice background too (seems you have invaded the children’s playroom or the other way around :slight_smile:)


If you could die in Monkey Island that would be a perfect Game Over theme!

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Thanks to everyone :smiley: yes, my fingers do whatever they want. I swear I tried to learn proper positioning, but then I said, *beep* it - I’m playing for fun anyway. And thus I became a bass player :stuck_out_tongue: I came back on the piano as soon as I had a big enough apartment to buy one, I thought it could be interesting for future children too. Fact is, they don’t seem interested in music :frowning: like their mother, unfortunately.

And you’re right - that’s our daughter’s corner on my left :smiley: but they were at a birthday party, otherwise you’d have seen them playing there :stuck_out_tongue:


Really nice version! Congrats!

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Oh? What about that other vid I just noticed? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was four years ago :joy:

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Alas, the fickle mind of a child. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold on a sec. You call yourself @Guga although your name is Fabio?


Pretty normal, I call myself Zak … and almost every close friends call me that way :wink: