Monkey Island 3A

I’ve been dreaming about MI3 since about 1992 when I had my lovely A600. I was expecting the game to come out in 93. I had a feeling it would take longer for some reason. I think I expected it to be as big as LCR and that was a pretty big game.

I don’t know what happened and then years later when I finally had a PC I went and got the 2 sequels that were out and boy did they take it away from the source. I was really disappointed in those and although I did like very much Tales… I still think no,3, would have been far better.

You see as I saw it, at the time I thought it has to have a 3rd game. I assumed it was a trilogy. I Didn’t really buy the ending of Le Chuck’s Revenge and we didn’t get the Secret so I assumed that would come in the 3rd game.

I know in one of the later games they cobbled on that big monkey head bit, but…

I think I feel about MI sequels the same way I do when people go and write new sequels to old books. It is like ok, you could do a fine job, but you are no Ian Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle or whoever. How can someone know what the original creatives had in mind, they just can’t, it can only be an approximation of what they think. And when you go playing with art styles and then put it into 3d…

Now if dreams really did come true Ron would get to make his 3rd Monkey game. I can’t help but imagine how good a MI game would looked rendered in this engine. The colours alone!

I fell in love with MI and that won’t ever die.

A sequel or spin off of Thimbleweed Park, say with Delores (she’s just so cheery and likeable!) would be fantastic but if Ron ever did get to do MI3- I would pledge £100 on the spot. Actually I recon if he did it, I would put down £250 for goodies. I love those games so very much.

I’ve only ever been on two forums before and never for a game this is how good THIMBLEWEED PARK was it made me come here.

Does anyone know if any concept art or anything MI3 exists? I would love to see some if it does.


To avoid confusion (we have accustomed to different acronyms here)

MI3 is CoMI.

Now to answer your question: the only material on MI3a is in Ron’s head. And it will probably never happen. You can read about it in a lot of posts here (straight from the horse’s mouth). Now if only we were better organised. Try searching for “MI3a and @Ron



I think @RonGilbert, if he has any heart!, should at least tell us if MI3a would have contained at least a part in the “real world” (the one that is revealed in the end of monkey2).

Of course.
He already revealed what the Secret of Monkey Island is.


There is a 15000-signature petition for it, though I remember Ron expressing skepticism about its success:

Look at what Ron Gilbert thinks about those petitions:


Sadly this is very much the case.

I was once in negotiation to acquire an old IP from Codemasters. Even though the game was only on 8bits in the late 1980s they wanted a substantial sum.

I didn’t expect to get it for free, I expected to pay a reasonable sum.

Thing is back then they gave the devs about a grand(£1000) a game (budget releases on tape) and then they wanted XX,XXX for it. It wasn’t worth that. I just wanted it so I could do a loving remake & sequel but the money men always spoil things.

They clutch IP like it has some major value but it doesn’t - to them it all gets totted up come evaluating the company assets for the shareholders - Over-inflated evaluations.

I’ve tried to get other IP only to find the rights holders have unrealistic expectations of worth :confused: :confused: :confused:

Like the clowns on Ebay asking £200 for a physical box set of TP. These people will never understand. A lot of them come from other markets other than games.

The only way I think to get IP for a price that is affordable is to build a relationship with someone key in the decision making tree at a company and then you might get a chance other than that once they put it in the hands of money men they will just hoard it with the impression it has way more value than it actually does.

Problem being those people don’t know anything about games and just pluck big numbers out of the air.

Say, your man knows xyz-title AAA release is worth XXXXXXX. Because of previous ans current sales, now that tool of a human being thinks that any of the old IP is worth similar money which it just isn’t- they won’t play fair and don’t understand - they just look at boxes and think money!!!.

Heaven forbid they sell an IP which then goes on to be successful for someone else and not them.

OCEAN were the biggest publisher in Europe and in England we have a love for that old Mancunian company. Over a dozen people I know (Including me) have tried to nail someone down about the current status of its old IP but it got swallowed up by the monolithic pacman that was Infogrames.

They killed every British game dev of the time but won’t do anything with any of the IP. It makes me :face_vomiting: Fucking Atari.

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Honestly guys, old developers / studios / teams are open to their remakes…except Disney. I talked to most of the families / owners / companies they made a famous games and non of them had a issue with it.
If there was a studio that shut down any IP in past, its easy to reopen it again, its just about deal, budget, plan and trust.
If you are ready to come with a offer, you could get their trust based on what you have done in past and experiences. They cannot let you do it, just because you are a fan, you need to prove it and make sure its a HQ product.
…and again, Disney policies and regulation are very bad, Disney is huge corporation and they dont care about Indie developers, they have tons of investors and shares on table. Give up…let it go.

Don’t agree at all.

Icy what you did there


I have had a romantic relationship with MI 1-2 and I still do. They affected me a lot as a teenager and nothing compared to them. I know that there are so many of fans like me. They don’t see like this game like a regular video game but a special story that you feel connected. When you look from this angle it’s very sad , unfortunate and disappointing that Ron left the company before the conclusion and the IP went to the hands of a mammoth company Disney.

I will always hope to see it happen but reality is very harsh and the chance of it being done is very low.

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1000€ from me😌

CoMI does not have a number. Same with Escape or Tales. Hence Monkey Island 3 is still an unreleased title.


but we also call it indy3 and indy4…

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Which sounds infinitly better to me than IJATLC or IJATFOA

also, those were the commands you had to type to launch them iirc

Oh yeah, that makes sense.

I remember on the C64 it was “ZAK” for Zak McKracken What was it for Maniac Mansion again? Was it “MANIAC” or just “*”?

load “*”,8,1

exe file names was only on PC


The program files had a directory entry on the C64 too. :wink: But the name of the file depended on the crack you used. :wink: