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---- Is Ron working on a Monkey Island 3a? ----

So I belive most of us played Dalore miniadventure and now we know Ron is working on a new one.
I can’t help but thinking the fact that he designed a new interface with no verbs, he was laying low till now without announcing it and we know nothing about this new project, he has a small team probably already in place and sometime ago he stated in this forum:

Furthermore if you read this post published on his blog you may notice that bullet 5, 10 and 17 are met.

Did Ron obtained the IP and we going to see Mi3 reasonably soon? :smiley:
This lack of information is a big hint, we know for sure he will develope MI3a being away from the fans to make the game he want to with no influences…

What do you guys think about it?

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I am open to whatever but not really expecting anything. Maybe because of the IP… Idk but yeah there’s plenty of room to hope <3

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Why do you think so? We just know that he improved/changed his engine. But he hasn’t confirmed that he is developing a new adventure game. He wrote vague about future projects, but that won’t imply that we’ll see another adventure (but of course I would like to see one :wink: ).

That’s very, very, very unlikely. But don’t give up hope…

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read the first two lines…

I agree with you… but his new engine is even called Dinky… well… considering all what I wrote above I think it may be plausible :smiley:


Furthermore the new engine name is Dinky!

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It says only that he wrote a new adventure game engine - but nothing about plans to make a new game. The engine and “Delores” could be made just for fun.

But I won’t destroy your and our hopes – I still hope too that we’ll see a new adventure game from Ron in the near future. :slight_smile:


We speculated about other type of future games in the past but now he specifically wrote “adventure game engine”. It’s fair to assume he wants to make an adventure-type of game with it. He is not the guy making and selling game engines.

The only hope we can likely bury is a MI3. It’s too unlikely he gets to own the IP… on the other hand Disney is currently quite in a dilemma…


so you think all the pieces of the puzzle I mentioned before are not related to MI3a?

Regarding the post from 2013: He basically made this “Another Monkey Island” after that: TWP was the result.

If he gets the chance to make MI3a according to his terms he would probably try to do it (even with all the pressure from fans…).

The problem is he’d only do it if he owns the IP which currently belongs to Disney (he stated this multiple times).
But you can’t just buy IP from Disney. And if, it may not be cheap. And then you’d have to fund the actual development.

Creating new IP like with TWP is probably the only sensible and realistic thing to do it.
And I’m fine with it, TWP turned out so great!


Yes, maybe I keep my hope too high, but I could see hints about MI3a , and who knows if he got the IP and kept this secret… mmmmm … I wrote this thoughts in Twitter, and david Fox liked it without commenting, and not denying… we we will see :slight_smile:

But he is the guy who is doing things just for fun. Like his RPG that he played around with after TWP.

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I don’t think it’s just for fun. He is developing game ideas and prototypes because he likes to make new games, and now this lead to a new engine which he explicitly called “adventure game engine”.
This doesn’t mean it can’t be RPG-like (e.g. the old Zelda games) but he clearly likes creating adventury games.

What do you think is he going to do with an adventure game engine?
Maybe it was just for the heck of it and secretly he is writing on his book series “50 Shades of Monkey”. :monkey_face:


he talked about future games with this engine… that settles it! :partying_face:

You can’t have an FPS shooter with this engine, can you?

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The same like you: adventure games. But we don’t know for sure until he confirms a new adventure.

Well, I assume you can in principle. :wink:

I’ve googled it and found a webcomic (NSFW).
I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. The car confuses me.

an engine named DInky :smiley:

and I am thinking, the reference to Monkey Island at the end of the credits is it just another coincidence?

Personally, I think you are reading way too much into everything. Nothing here implies mi3a whatsoever.

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Nor_Treblig comming in in 3, 2, 1…

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