[Poll] When will RtMI be released?

When do you think Return to Monkey Island will be released?

  • December! It’s the biggest sales period of the year
  • October! It’s a spooky Halloween kind of game
  • Summer! Everyone will want to play it while basking in the sunshine on the French Riviera
  • Some time before Summer!
  • Tomorrow!
  • Yesterday!

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Oh, man! I can’t decide! :grimacing:

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According to my calculations: June or, at most, July.


I also predict that the first release will be on the PICO-8.

All the other platforms will follow in December. But I won’t specify a year.


I went with summer, based roughly on the timeline of TWP

Don’t make that joke if someone says the doctor said they’ll be able to leave the hospital in June.

I think Summer makes sense, but maybe I’m just wishing for it.

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I say 15th of October.

Because people say that’s MI1’s release date but Ron said it’s not true. So, it will finally be an actual date we can celebrate.

Anyway I just hope not in June, because I’ll be 1) busy with a game jam and 2) on vacation so I won’t be able to play it.


Oh no, the horrors of playing it a few months later. :rofl:


I went with October, but wouldn’t mind if it came out Yesterday :wink:

I don’t think December is likely, as it might have to compete with a plethora of other hotly anticipated titles. (I’m a bit out of the loop regarding those, but I hear Elder Scrolls in Space will come out this holiday season, and likely other AAA games too)

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And avoid all interactions with you and all other social networks to avoid spoilers?


You could play it at the beach. :wink:

If I were Ron, I’d say 14th or 16th of October.
Because I’m a naughty, spiteful, 44yo boy.

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Now that I think more about it… why are we all assuming that he’ll actually release it?

Wouldn’t it be funnier if he decided to keep it for himself and just share gameplay screenshots and false hints at the secret for the rest of his life?


This part has a reasonably high chance of actually happening

I am certain it will be released on a Wednesday!
Give or take 3 days.


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