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Movie "Color Out Of Space" and Maniac Mansion

From a GrumpyGamer blog’s post, we know that the current movie “Color Out Of Space”, starring Nicholas Cage, has a plot which reminds Maniac Mansion:

A glowing purple meteorite makes life, uh, difficult and gross for an isolated farm family after it crashes in their yard

Well, after a research, I’ve found that the movie is based on a horror story by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who published it in the year 1927.

So, in the 1987 Maniac Mansion came out with a story placed 20 years before, in the 1967, that is 40 years after the original story…

“Coincidences? I don’t think so!” :smiley:


Huh, I had no idea. The movie itself doesn’t seem that bad…

I watched the trailer. Apart from the purple slimy meteor and a lone mansion, there aren’t other Maniac Mansion references.
It’s a horror movie. Not my genre, so I can’t say whether is good or bad.

I meant the Jules Verne adaptation from '96, sorry for the confusion.

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