Thank you H.P. Lovecraft!

Oh thank you, you weird looking, oddly racist new englishman! For we probably wouldn´t be here without you!

In 1927 you published the story The Colour Out Of Space a story about a strange meteor that inspired Stephen King in 1977 to write the short story Weeds which in 1982 was made into a movie which has been cited by the makers of Maniac Mansion as a direct influence for including the mind controlling Meteor in their game.

Another film influential in the creation of the mad scientist character has been cited by Ron Gilbert as being Stuart Gordon´s 1985 cult film Re-Animator which was based on your 1922 serialized story Herbert West - Reanimator. The story revolves around a Doctor who for strange experiments “carries these bodies into the basement at night” which I´m sure sounds familiar.

Also you introduced the world to the concept of Ancient Astronauts in your stories The Call Of Cthulu in 1928 and At The Mountains Of Madness in 1931/36.

An idea that in the following years was adopted by writers such as Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in 1960 Robert Charroux in 1963 and finally Erich von Däniken in 1968.

Those writings all very heavily influential on pop culture in the 1970s and 1980s one product of which we all know and love, a little game called Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders where the Ancient Astronauts idea was an important plot element.

So many of our movies, books and games wouldn´t be the same without you Howard Phillips Lovecraft, so thanks so much, because without you we all probably wouldn´t be here discussing creations that were more or less influenced by you!


I read only one book by Lovecraft when I was a kid and completely forgot the story, but these correlations and influences that you pointed out made me interested in his works again and I’m currently having a look at “Call of Cthulhu”, which seems to me a story short enough to be quickly consumed in my spare time.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know about all these Lovecraft influences, that’s quite interesting.

I loved the short story, The Rats in the Walls. That really stayed with me *shudder*


That´s funny I read that one only recently. I find the idea of vast ancient subterrenean worlds that could be discovered just anywhere fascinating. Those stories are all tailor made for adventure games, as they are more often than not about explorers and discovering age old hidden mysteries. Even though usually it doesn´t end well…

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Unfortunately he was also a huge racist, even considering the time when his stuff was written.

It sucks because he contributed so much good to fiction with his deep lore and mythology… but yeah. He was kind of a terrible person.

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Yeah, I mentioned he was

still people like Guiliermo Del Toro look beyond that and enjoy what he contributed to the genre. I don´t even think he was much of a storyteller but very creatitve in suggesting ideas.

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Wow. Nice post. I had never noticed the indirect influences of Lovecraft on MM.

The Digital Antiquarian has a good article on Lovecraft, his works and racist viewpoints:

How many graphic adventures are directly based on Lovecraft’s universe? Of the old ones, I can recall:

  • Shadow of the comet
  • Prisioner of ice

And more recently Chronicle of Innsmouth, we have already read @milanfahrnholz review of that one.

Terrific movie-lenght documentary on the subject, if you´re interested (it´s from an official channel so I guess it´s okay to link):

Also, wonderful abridged version of the 2005 Call Of Cthulhu short film (brilliantly edited to “Call Of Ktulu” by Metallica):

I finally gave in and bought Call Of Cthulhu Dark Corners Of The Earth. It´s on GOG now.

It´s getting praise up Uranus, but I have my doubts because it also has FPS elements, which I hope are not too heavy.

Played for a while and now I´m stuck at the same bloody part that made me give up on Chronicles Of Innsmouth, garrghegawgh.

Something to keep me busy for a while…

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After the holidays you should buy new glasses. Or a new camera. Or both. Or has this book to be read with a red(?) gel decoder …?

Re: My New Years Resolutions point 1.

But seriously, try holding that heavy thing AND a phone at the same time and keep steady!

Pro tip: Put the book on a table. :wink:

Hey, talk to my librarian about that, okay?


Too bad they have removed the game after about 10 days and before I could get it :frowning:

Here is a link to the original news post since the game card is gone:

I found it ironic that it was that same chase scene that made me give up the game that already made me give up Chronicles Of Innsmouth. I know that part is from the book but still somehow game designers and movie makers (it is also present exactly like that in the movie “Dagon”) always put so much emphasis on that part with the doors and the bolts.

Listen here cat lovers. Here is a very short story for you:

Ooh, lunchtime reading, thanks :slight_smile: I hope this doesn’t involve anything about hurting cats as I’m very (overly) sensitive about that. Yes, even zombie cats, rabid cats, ghost cats and evil robot cats.

Well, uh…:flushed:

Let´s just say that Karma has it´s way…