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New engine build 1.0.6

Sorry this has taken so long, the last few weeks have been very busy. But good busy.

Two issues are fixed in 1.0.6.

  1. setting the languge to non-EFIG languages is correctly restored from the prefs file.

If you set ‘cz’ in the Options, then next time you start the game, it will default to ‘cz’.

It still doesn’t detect the language on the first ever boot, that is a lot tricker due to how it’s weaved into the engine for system calls, etc.

  1. Sounds started with playSound(“event://bla/bla”) now correctly report their play status.

This was needed for the voice tests.


Um, am I the only one who gets this?


No, me too.

Me too AccessDenied

Should be fixed now.


Thanks, the start screen and the title are finally in Czech. =)

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