NEW Professor Layton - puzzles on line waiting for upcoming game

For those who don’t know, Professor Layton is a game series (born on Nintendo DS, now available for iOS and Android, too) where a professor (resembling Sherlock Holmes) has a great ability in solving puzzles. His motto is “Every puzzle has an answer.” :slight_smile:

I have just discovered the Layton World website: from Jun 19th to Sep 21st there will be a puzzle each day. Items you collect by solving these puzzles, will be present in the upcoming game.
The main news is that puzzles are online, and some of them can be solved with the help of other people.

Good to keep your brain trained :smiley:


The URL is wrong:

Edited, Thanks! :blush:

I just heard about this! I have to see how much spare time I have to try to solve the puzzles.

If you don’t have too much spare time, don’t try to solve puzzle N.2. It’s not difficult… it’s WIDE. It involves collaboration among people from other countries…

That actually sounds pretty awesome, although I’m sure the actual execution is probably a headache. :wink: Now I’m even more sad that I don’t have much time to spare. :disappointed:

Unless you don’t know Japanese…
Luckly, there is a sort of “TransLayton”, that is a twitter chat with the Laytonworld hashtag, where you can ask people over the world, for hints, translations, etc.