The Graham Annable Kickstarter: hidden people figurine

Are you a fan of Graham Annable, his Grickle world or his very good casual adventure game Puzzle Agent, developed by Telltale Games?

If so, you can’t miss his brand new Kickstarter campaign, through which you can get a very disturbing figurine of the Hidden People. :neutral_face:

I love both Annable’s cartoons and Puzzle Agent (but not so much its second chapter) and the Hidden People visit my nightmares every now and then.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign:

And, regardless of the Kickstarter campaign, you should play Puzzle Agent if you enjoy puzzle games like “Professor Layton”.


Lucky! No hidden people in my dreams / nightmares yet. I’m a huge fan of Graham Annable. I’ve been considering this Kickstarter.

OMG I need this