Alternative solutions to puzzles

Possible spoilers ahead.

Hi all,

from reading comments on the blog and here I get the impression there are solutions to some puzzles other than the ones I have found. Or maybe I just forgot that I’ve used the same ones. So are there alternative ways to solve some puzzles?
I’ve played in hard mode only, so maybe there’s a difference to the casual mode?
For instance, people are talking about the cash register, which I don’t remember needing to use.
I’ve also seen a ‘navigator head’ being mentioned a few times, and don’t recall seeing one anywhere. I’ve just clicked my way through the woods to find the thimbleweed berries so that’s probably not really an anticipated alternative solution. But I am still curious as to where the navigator head can be found.

I guess I am wondering if it is worth it to play through the game again but that would depend on how many alternative ways to solve it exist.


For instance, people are talking about the cash register, which I don’t remember needing to use.

I think they mean uncle Chuck’s check register.

I’ve also seen a ‘navigator head’ being mentioned a few times, and don’t recall seeing one anywhere.

It’s on one of the shelves in the occult bookstore. You can use it in the forest and find an easter egg if the “annoying in-jokes” option is enabled.


Makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply.

The only “alternative” solution I can think of off the top of my head is when you talk to Chet. At first I talked to him with one of the agents, but then I was curious so I replayed the scene using Delores and Ransome to talk to him. Sure enough, both of them do have conversation trees that make Chet run off and drop the pizza flyer.

Other than that, I’d be interested in knowing what other puzzles have alternative solutions.

There are two solutions to dry the blood sample on the toilet paper. The one I found was using the hand dryer in the Quickie Pal bathroom. My buddy used the burning trashcan next to Willie.


Interesting. I never saw Chet at all until i actually made it down to his secret lair. How and where did you happen to run in to him to be able to talk?

Nice! I didn’t think of the burning trashcan, but it makes sense.

Hmm… My wife suggested I use the toilet paper and it took us a while to figure out how to make it usable. I believe she finally came up with the idea that we needed to dry it a bit, which triggered the solution in my mind. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if his location is randomized, but I found him at the intersection of B Street and Main, near the diner. Wait…how were you able to get into the secret bunker without the code from the pizza flyer? Because as far as I know (but this could be another alternative solution!), you get the flyer after talking to Chet and making him drop it.

Wait… I thought Chet is the guy with the tin-foil hat. Is he the Pizza Guy? Then I’m sorry. I did talk to him briefly, but he just ran away and dropped the flyer.

I believe there’s more solution for the radio tower. I just made Ransom climb it but I read somewhere that someone had the hardest time gettting Dolores (?) go up there.

I tried this and the wet toilet paper was discarded. So it does not work. At least not in the latest version.

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I read in another thread that if you wait long enough, it dries by itself. I haven’t tried this myself, so I can’t be sure of it.

Only in Easy mode. You have to exit the current “room”, and then the paper dries automatically.
Do you mean it dries also in Normal mode?

I don’t know, someone said that. However, it could be only in “Casual Mode.”


A friend of mine playing on hard mode said his dried automatically. It took a while though.

I wonder if these alternate solutions are there because the developers realize another possibility during development?

To escape the sewers you can:

  • Get the dime, and use the phone located in the sewers.
  • Use the cell phone, if the kidnapped agent is not the one who has the cell phone.
    I can’t remember other alternative puzzle solutions right now.