Now, THATS`S a collection... retro gaming

A guy from Australia has a unbelievable huge collection of games of nearly all kown retro consoles/computers.


And he knows most of these games :open_mouth:

I espacialy like the Amiga part :slight_smile:

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Yeah he owns a lot of games, he played a lot of games. He is some kind of game expert I’d say…

I’ll just leave that here: @milanfahrnholz 32:55

I first played Link To The Past 25 years ago when it first came out, and most recently a week ago on the SNES mini. Even though it only takes me a couple of hours now, because (despite not having played it for a few years) I still absolutly know where everything is and where I have to go(and the fights now seem really easy) it still is easily one of the most fun and most beautifully designed games of all time. Along with Super Metroid easily the best game on the system. I never got into the 3D Zeldas that followed (or the N64 in general).

You could try some of those challenges if you haven’t already, e.g. “no sword challenge”.

That´s only possible in the first game. I haven´t done that there yet, though.

With Amiga games Monkey Island, Zak McKracken and Battle Chess (15:15)

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The best part indeed. I wonder if he’s not afraid of housebreakers watching his videos.

I’m always so weirded out when people pronounce NES and SNES like nes and snes instead of as Nintendo and Super Nintendo. :stuck_out_tongue: