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Antstream retro gaming

Pretty excited about this new platform!


The easiest way to get these to run on amiga

(And fully legal too)

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Or if you want to compare versions of a game you played on PC only

They have both the amiga and the NES version of MM on there

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Obviously, most titles are more arcade-y
If you want to challenge me… my name there is SushiInFishbowl

(Oh, yeah - it is totally free and works on Linux too @Frenzie)

Haha, well, you know (maybe) that I maintain a Windows install for games. :wink:

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This looks very nice.

It surely is more convenient than fiddling with retro arch cores or other emulators and launchbox (on which I probably already have most of these installed)
Especially for those amiga games.
Another nice touch is the varia button which gives a bit of trivia information on each game.

We clearly need a new thread for that new Amiga 500 Mini that comes out early next year…

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But you will miss this :slightly_smiling_face::

The original case is so stick in my memory that the A500 carving on this new mini-device looks somewhat strange to me :face_with_monocle:.
That mouse depicted on the box was very handy. I think it could still face the challenge of today use (except for the third button).

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I hope they don’t disappoint like the C64 mini with the fake keyboard. Ughh…

Which is why I skipped that and waited for the big version (that I really like). I will skip this one as well, because it looks like they stick with that concept.


Yes! I’m waiting to be back in stock to get one. I have nice CRT waiting to be hooked up :slight_smile:

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