On Mac, how do I right click? I'd

Would love to be able to use the highlighted verbs such as open doors.

Sorry if this is a silly question.

If you have no right mouse button try Ctrl-click.

Thanks, I thought I had tried that and Cmd click but will try again.

It depends on your preferences about the secondary click. It’s by default as Kate said, but if you open your mouse MacOS settings, you can choose to set the right click just on the right side of your mouse like on a PC

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Also if you’re using a trackpad (e.g. on a Macbook), default is usually the bottom right-hand corner.

I probably should’ve asked what you’re using first.

on my macbook track pads I always do a two-finger press for a right click. This way you can right-click wherever your fingers currently are instead of moving them to a specific portion of the pad.

Good idea. I’ve never really changed mine as tend to use a mouse.

Simplest solution is using a cheap mouse :grinning:
Otherwise yes, 2 finger tap works