Option for classic crosshair / cursor?

With all the nice options for retro verbs, retro fonts and classic sentence, how about an option to use a simple non-changing crosshair? Without the additional indicators when hovering about an exit or an object. Monkey Island style, or maybe even the big ugly one from PC Zak / MM, hehe.

You can do this by adding this…

hotspotCursors: 0

…to the Prefs.json file.


What would tickle my nostalgiabone even more than that would be the cursor turning into the snail symbol once in a while, though due to the practically non existant loading times between rooms, I can´t think of a way where this would happen.

You can pause the game (SPACE) and admire the snail icon all you want! :slight_smile:


This is my mind.
This is my mind blown!

That´s nice, I always used the options screen for pause, never noticed that there is classic pause option, too.

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Complete with Muzak tune while you wait! :slight_smile: