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Petition: Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert


Don’t you guys think that a MI3a would highly risk to flop like a lot of highly anticipated games? Like Duke Nukem 4 Ever?

Let the Secret of Monkey Island myth alive!


Uhmm, I kindly disagree.
I think Ron was a genius in 1990, and had planned a great game in 3 big chapters.
If he could, I’m sure he would make a ginormous Monkey Island 3a.

P.S.: of course, Ron is a genius even nowadays! :delores:


yeap…same thoughts here


I wonder… what’s the bus factor of The Secret of Monkey Island? Ron has mentioned multiple times that the clues are there, and if he said what the secret was it would all make sense.


To me, the solution is simple and clear and I’m puzzled why nobody has thought about it until now: Ron needs to become a criminal.

He should design, develop and sell his MI3a without regard for any IP law and possibly mocking Disney’s lawyers and Johnny Depp when they’ll go get him. Of course, he will pass the rest of his life in jail, but at least his noble sacrifice will give us the game that we have been waiting for, for almost thirty years.

I think that a petition to ask Ron to start his ignominious and unlawful project will have way more chance of moving things forward than the petition directed to Disney.


I believe I signed it already? I don’t know if my signature alone will make a difference, but it’s good to see that thousands of others share my dream!


I would for sure love a “true” MI3. But how would/should it look nowadays? What would the broader audience expect? A game close to the art style of MI3 (which kind of was referred to in Tales Of Monkey Island) ?

Personally, I would prefer an art style closer to MI2 actually - but would it sell outside the core MI audience? Maybe not, or? But that would be somehow required to truly connect to the original MI2 or at least the special edition (could live with that).

I doubt it will ever happen that Disney sells the IP for MI, Zak, MM … to anybody.


It’s a shame that no really rich and famous person happens to be an absolute nutter fanatic of Monkey Island. I know what I’d be doing about this if I were a billionaire.


They can ask that crazy and super isolated person called Markus Persson, to go and buy the license from Disney. I am sure they have some plans like that :slight_smile: He is doing nothing, just getting fat, so he could buy the license for them :))


Disney is worth about $162 billion at the moment. If there would be a Kickstarter project to buy Disney, we’d need only 2 billion people to invest $81 in average to collect the money. And even less, if we would only aim for 51% of shares. Should be doable :sunglasses:


OK it’s just hit me that were approaching 30 years since the last (true) MI game.

I’m just going to let that sink in for a few decades.


I have no idea how I accidentally quoted some of patrik3dspacek’s post. Sorry about that.


Isn’t there a way of making a game such that it falls in the “fair use” of IP?


Maybe there is, but Ron stated that he would only be interested in creating an official sequel, because he would have to accept too many trade-offs whithout owning the IP.


If it wasn’t the MI IP, it would just be another MI ripoff game. It wouldn’t matter that it was from me.


I think that it would matter. Most of us would be enthusiastic, but it would be strange if the characters and some locations had different names, for example.
If you create a rip-off, it should be as incoherent as possible, as if the story would just take place in the same universe, so that no one would call it a “rip-off”, but “inspired by…”.


As i mentioned earlier, I think Ron could make a many new stories that doesn’t have to be necessarily like a Monkey Island, but he could use some of the characters that drives their own life in the same era.
What happened to Wally? Herman Toothrot journey to the Island? Storekeeper? Sword master? or just new story about creation of the new villain?.. and eventually that would be crossing their lives unaware like a Easter eggs.


Couldn’t you just write down the story of the planned third MI? That would be a compromise: It’s unlikely that Disney will sell you the IP in this life. If you write the story down, the fans won’t bug you anymore to tell the secret. But if there is a wonder and Disney will sell you the IP you can still do the remake.

btw: Is the IP valid for books and novels or only for adventure games? So maybe you can write a novel. :slight_smile:

No, only for the first few minutes. If Ron would open the game for modding, the fans could change the names, graphics, etc to make it a real MI3.


I’m not sure. A game should be what it is from the get-go. If they created a new MI, I would have liked to have a box, for example, but this wouldn’t be possible in that case.
I would be glad enough if they created a completely new game (or even better a series) that felt very similar to MI, as if it took place in the same universe.


There’s another possibility. You could do a game like MI but better. Still set in the Caribbean, but with new characters that are better than Guybrush, Elaine, Lechuck, etc. So that game becomes the new legend, and we will forget Monkey Island, and everybody will be happy.

I can’t speak for others, but when I say “I want Monkey Island” I don’t mean that “I want Guybrush”, but that I want a game with that exotic atmosphere and that gameplay, and that graphics and that kind of music. A Thimbleweed Park in the Caribbean would be perfectly fine.


Same here - I just loved the “feeling” of Monkey Island - TWP shows, you can create a good atmosphere and that’s what I am looking for. The parts that this kind of atmosphere is built from is the humour but like you mentioned the music, the graphics…

My highlight is still the top view of Melee Island.