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Petition: Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert


Today is the first anniversary of… this!


Happy birthday Mansion Mansion. :birthday:


Is this called “Ransomeware”!?


Is it true that “Mansion Mansion” started as a typo ? :slight_smile:


I have to disagree (about being the best ever):

The beginning of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (the movie), when the tomb raider chief tells a young Indiana, “Today you lost kid, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it” and gives him the hat.


What makes you think it was all a dream? Between LeChuck’s reveal to the camera at the carnival and the adult Elaine Marley’s dialogue at the very end, the events all being just a dream is far from certain.

Back when I started realizing MI3 wasn’t going to happen, I remember fantasizing about how I would make such a game. I always envisioned the first part of the game as taking place at the Threepwood residence, with child Guybrush realizing that he’s experiencing isn’t real, and that he needs to “wake up” from it somehow. From there, the next part would take place in the game’s reality, with Guybrush as an adult again in the same world that MI1 and MI2 took place in (not necessarily those exact same islands). Of course, he’d be in some predicament thanks to LeChuck’s trickery, so even after snapping back to reality, Guybrush would have plenty of problems to solve before defeating LeChuck once and for all.

Something like that could seamlessly continue the story from MI2 with absolutely no retconning or hand-waving of any events in MI2 required.


Hmm… I guess the fact that they are brothers. The “real” reality must be the one where they are brothers. Maybe :slight_smile:


[quote=“seguso, post:67, topic:76”]
Hmm… I guess the fact that they are brothers. The “real” reality must be the one where they are brothers. Maybe :slight_smile:[/quote]
We don’t know for sure that LeChuck is telling the truth. Even if he is, that doesn’t necessarily mean the carnival seen in the ending is their actual reality. After all, both MI1 and MI2 have shown that voodoo magic is real, and at the end of that carnival scene, “Chuckie’s” face reveals glowing red eyes and a burst of lightning. To me, LeChuck’s reveal suggests that the carnival is something other than mundane reality. Plus, with Elaine appearing as her usual adult self at the end instead of as a child in the carnival, I see her final scene as another clue that Guybrush didn’t simply snap out of a childhood daydream–especially with her dialogue presenting a particular concern for Guybrush’s welfare.


Maybe MI3a would take place chronologically before MI1


With all the hopes we have into a satisfying resolve of Part 2s clifhanger I could totally see Ron pulling a “Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me” on us!


No no no no no no no… let’s make this clear: I want the trilogy to be completed by Ron Gilbert, who has already formally promised that he would reveal what the secret of Monkey Island is. Anything less than that is irrelevant and uninteresting.

Please don’t give him this kind of ideas.


Pretty sure he doesn´t need me for that. I think he had that idea already. We´re all doomed I tell you doooooooomed!


Is MI3tru ever going to happen anyway…


What’s wrong with creating a prequel trilogy before tackling those boring problems like that secret thing…


I will not take your bait. :unamused:


I don’t see a MI3a coming, ever (from Ron) just because these rights will never leave Disney and since Ron rules out licensing (this would definitely be a proper chance) I left Monkey Island for good. Every now and then I go back to Melee Island, Scabb Island and so on for the feeling and that’s about it.

I have my hopes we will see just another Adventure like TWP from the very same team around Ron,Gary and David. I would like to see more graphics done by Mark Ferrari and Octavio, Story by Ron, Gary and David and so on - it was all just cool and I hope for another pixel-art “SCUMM”-adventure. Those hopes are way more realistic than anything surrounding MI3a …

I wouldn’t mind having the characters less bobble-head-like but I definitely prefer the pixel art.

It hurts but I think Monkey Island is history unless someone appreciates those Telltale-things with it’s 3D graphics which, to me, have nothing to do with what I am looking for with regards to Monkey Island.


Exactly. There are many Caribbean islands and many stories to tell, that do not involve Guybrush. It’s a great setting. Having said that, there would be a huge pressure on the team to deliver something very similar to MI and I don’t think it would be healthy.


Last year, during Barcelona’s Gamelab, I had the pleasure to publicly ask Ron the same question: if it would be possible to write the MI:3a plot somewhere BUT make it legally possible to release when he dies. That way we don’t break the chance to Ron’s MI3 become a reality during his lifetime (that would be really awesome), and in a worst-case scenario the secret is saved.

He was afraid that some fans would try to kill him in order to unlock it :frowning:


He should share the secret with 2 people at most.
And they should not live nor travel all together.
In case of accident… the secret is saved.


Ron could post the story (for free) in his blog or sell it as a novel. With the latter way he could earn some money.

That won’t happen.