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Pixel-perfect mode working on 1920x1080 HD yet?

I never managed to get it to work, but have been excited about it since I spoke to @RonGilbert in London and he mentioned it! At first it just made an unscaled 320x180 window in the corner with hall of mirrors streaking the edge pixels across the remainder. of the screen, but now nothing happens. Does it work yet for anyone else?

It’s still broken. We made a change right before shipping the screwed it up. It’s on my list of stuff to fix, I don’t think it will take long, but I’m pretty swamped with iOS and Android.

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Okee dokee, looking forward to buying it on iOS and Android too!

Mr. Gilbert,

I know it’s probably a long shot, but would you mind at least trying to make the iOS version compatible with iOS 6.x? I have an older iPad that won’t upgrade any more (and another one, which I have refused to update in order to be able to run some older software).

I would really love to play the game in iOS, so much so, that I’d be willing to pay separately for an iPhone and an iPad version, along with my Mac version. :slight_smile:


After the first update it stopped behaving as you just described, but I can still see the most annoying occurrences of the characters not having the same resolution as the background, like the Mansion mansion field and the vista.

There are other bits that I’m not only ok with not being pixel perfect, but I also love, like the moving bushes in the river or the Occult Bookstore lamp swinging.

…waiting patiently for the pixel perfect mode. The mix of different resolutions disturbs me.

Is it ready yet?

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