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Play TWP while taking a shower

You can actually buy this shower curtain on Amazon. Play TWP during your morning routine. Or have a video conference while taking a shower!

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I am not going to comment on this…


“Yes Murray, I have the projections right here.”
“You most certainly do!”



Well ok, then, since I already did comment:

  1. what a strategic placement of devices!
  2. three devices simultaneously?? I don’t think I even want to know what she’s doing on all of them.
  3. but following the TWP forum better be one of them!
  4. I hope you aren’t picturing any of us using that though
  5. it is hard enough to know that most of you post while on the toilet

Why of course I´ve been doing all my posts in the last couple of weeks in my birthday suit. I mean it IS really hot, you know!

Yeah try to get rid of THAT mental picture now…ewww…

You can use more!


(Now I can’t get these pictures out of my head…)

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My question would be:

Can you play “shaking the tower” while taking a shower?

(before @someone complains again, take a look at the number of minors in your poll!)


Gay, straight and fat pr0nz.

(@milanfahrnholz went there first)

I I will go there again as soon as the next occasion arises…

I’m going to buy the iMac 27" version…



Great details you did with the waterdrops!

(Although that side shouldn’t get wet :stuck_out_tongue:)

This makes me wonder what you see looking from inside the shower? Because then there will be waterdrops all over that plastic curtain in front of the screen.

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Sooooo…anyone got a version of that pic where she is holding just tiiinnny tiny little cellphone?

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Hold on, I’ll draw you a picture.

That´s not the saaaaaame. :weary:

Here you go. She looks roughly like this:


Women have three penises in the middle of their neck (that has an ass on it) ?

I certainly learned something different in biology class (i.e. Total Recall)…

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Paul Verhoeven was forced by his American backers to only show breasts as is customary in America. If it had been a Dutch movie, you would’ve seen three penises in all of their natural glory.

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And all of them would have been by Rutger Hauer!

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cue Willie’s sewer violin

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