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Thimbleweed on my Dell CRT

Haven’t been on this forum in ages, I bought a replacement CRT for my one that broke today, and I wanted to try some modern games on it. So I tried thimbleweed and this is how it ended up looking. I did have to stretch out the image a little with the monitor controls to fill more screen real estate, due to it being in widescreen… but it sure looks the part.


Nice! This is how it was meant to be played :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure is! :sunglasses:

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Haha LOL, that how my brother plays too. :joy:


This is a little off-topic but now that I have ordered TheC64 (“Maxi”) I wonder how I could mod it to plug in a CRT…
The good thing about the “Maxi” vs. the Mini is I can put every kind of adapter into the case… and still have room left for my clothes etc.

Also did anyone started the C64 port of TWP already?


If you don’t mean mod too literally, just buy an adapter for 10-20 bucks? HDMI to composite/RGB/VGA/Scart/whatever adapter.

It wouldn’t be much of a mod if it wasn’t a mod.

And even when just putting an adapter inside e.g. instead of adding some direct VGA output you would have to relocate the board, maybe using an HDMI splitter to allow using HDMI in parallel.

It may be easier to put an USB-to-VGA adapter or something like that inside assuming you can get the firmware/Linux to work with it.

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