Upcoming book: "The Art of Point + Click Adventure Games"

I can’t wait for this book to be published. I have already purchased one of their books (the one about Amiga) and it was pretty well made.


Nice. I also have Sam’s Amiga book; wasn’t too interested in the other systems, as I never owned those. But this one I’ll be certainly keeping an eye on :slight_smile:.

I was asked to do interview for them… and I agreed. Love their book.


Thank you for the heads up, LowLevel. Had not heard of it and seems like the perfect book :slight_smile:

I guess it will be a perfect (better?) substitute for “The Art of Sierra” which seems like a dead project by now.

Which game is the one in the top right corner?

book pages

Simon the Sorcerer (1993) Future Wars: Adventures in Time (1989)
Beneath a Steel Sky (1994) Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987)
Interview with Steve Stamatiadis,
Flight of the Amazon Queen (1995)
some kind of retro-looking pixel-art game, probably
from this famous Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games

Is Future Wars any good? It looks pretty amazing from screenshots…

Yes, the graphics are beautiful and the story is interesting. But the gameplay is frustrating: You have to find objects that are only a pixel big, there are timed events (for example you have to rescue yourself in milliseconds AFAIR on a tree) and it has some arcade mini games that you can’t skip.

If you can get the game for free, you should give it a try. But don’t invest too much money on eBay. :slight_smile:


Mmm, sounds a lot like hell on earth…

So you didn’t like Thimbleweed Park? All of this more or less exactly applies to TWP too! :slight_smile:

  • You have to find pixel dust to get the related achievements.

  • Ransome’s book page

  • If you put a token into one arcade machine you have to play an arcade mini game :open_mouth:

Future Wars was a funny adventure game, but too much *beep*hole.
You could die for stupid and improbable things, like walking in the opposite direction from the monks.
I liked it until I was stuck in the ruins… searching for a 1-pixel-wide blowtorch.

Really? I don’t remember this part. I finished Future Wars using a walkthrough, but I don’t remeber it.

Like just pushing a button? What game are we talking about currently, I’m confused :slight_smile:

You were warned, before :smiley:
In Future Wars, no…

Hm… I played it over 20 years ago. :slight_smile: Wait a second, I’ll read the solution… Ah: Yes, I was right. :slight_smile: You have to climb up a tree at the beginning of the game. :slight_smile:

I still don’t remember. The game starts with the main character while cleaning windows:

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Here is the walkthrough at the corresponding scene (Warning! Spoiler ahead!):

Yes, but what was the problem? AFAIK, when the monk splashes in the water, you automatically woke up.

I loved that scene when I played it a few decades ago. That thing still feels like a glass skyscraper to me.

For example to find the rope. And doesn’t the monk kills/arrest you or something if you won’t climb on the tree?