Pointless? Copy protection

So… Copy protection in games. Back in the day.

Always annoyed me. For one thing I knew that any pirate would have a copy with all that hacked out anyway, and to me it felt that I was being punished for actually paying for the game.

Also I figured that the more complicated the anti copy protection the more it would be a trophy to hackers to circumvent it.

Mainly it was alright, I actively liked the Monkey Island ones - faces one and Mix Mojo but in some games you had a disc where it was Black on Black printing and little boxes that went round in a circlular disc, It was bloody awkward.


Do any of you have any memories of particularly difficult (to use) copy protection?

I remember one incident where I had a Microprose game - Think it was an aeroplane simulator (notorious for huge manuals) and you had to root in the manual to a specific page , line and word. Most of the time it didn’t work.

Some games even managed to get budget releases without the manual and had to be recalled/replaced.

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Such artistically valuable ones like those code wheels you have mentioned are much nicer then other forms of copy protections (like looking up words in the manual).
They are nice for nostalgic reasons. But if you HAVE to use them they can be a pain. Imagine nowadays playing those games on your phone on the bus.

Also generally I am very against DRM in all forms although those above are very mild variants.

And seeing those wheels… anyone else saw the Dial-An-Interview from Upcoming book: "The Art of Point + Click Adventure Games"?


Those drawings look cool!

I´m trying to guess who everbody is.

On the bottom left I can see David Fox on the top right there is Tim Schaefer and the guy on the bottom right is obviously Phil Collins.

Yeah, that was obviously Phil Collins in his 30s and 40s. He didnt look much like that in his 20s either.


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Didn´t he suggest at first they´d go on as an instrumental band (like Brand X) ?

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It is funny Genesis had so many stages.

Phases. I loved the Collins led Pop Rock years but also enjoyed the early long prog classical rock stuff too.

Only Genesis I didn’t get on with was when they recruited that prick from Stiltskin in the mid 90s.

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I liked them too - until I played the game regularly. Even these copy protections are annoying. They seem to be a funny thing, but if you have to grab the wheel every time you start the game, you begin do dislike them. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Delphine Software. They used colours and shapes:

The Delphine Software protections were the most annoying. And the questions at the beginning of Larry (if you don’t know the short cut…).

One adventure game used two(?) dice as a copy protection, but I can’t remember which one (AFAIR “Whispered World”).


Hands up! I’m guilty. Thank you. But you note I was trying to post a thread with some link to games?

that is also very true.

And yes Delphine ones were a proper pain in the arse. I love Flashback, Cruise for a Corpse and others but yeah they were bonkers!

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  2. I blame the Phil Collins looking guy on the code wheel (so who is he really then? And the others for that matter?)


I’m wracking my brain trying to think of the one with black on black wheel and letters.

I think it was a Psygnosis game maybe Globdule?
It was the worst.

You had to hold it up to the light just to read the letters they were black letters and numbers on a black wheel.
With a thin layer of laminate your only chance to see what they were meant to be.

It wasn’t an adventure I don’t think.

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Yes, Cruise was horrible!

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Hi my name is Milan and…did you see that new Black Mirror Episode the other night?


No. But I played the adventure game. That had an annoying CD copy protection. (Ha! Take this!)

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Erm…take that!

Whatever I said, whatever I did
I didn’t mean it :notes:

Exactly! :+1:

But we still enjoy these adventure game topics, though. :slight_smile:


Was that the one about games? They recreated a 1985 WH Smiths shop and a burger bar the same for that.

Weren´t there several?

Oh the one from the beginning of San Junipero? That sounds cool, actually!

Yes, and this is what I like in this forum. :slight_smile: The main problem, in my opinion, is the fact that each thread is presented “linear” - one post is put under the previous. In a WordPress blog for example the posts are nested/in a hierarchy. There is it much easier to separate the different discussions.

I only have a list with 12 names of peole who did an interview, so I cannot outrule Phil Collins.

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Yes, it’s a copy protection copy protection.


Has somebody experiences with the Lenslok copy protection?