WANTED: “Dial-A-Pirate” code wheel for Monkey Island [FOUND!]

Hi all,

If anyone has a spare “Dial-A-Pirate” code wheel (or is willing to part with theirs), I’d be very grateful.
I’ve finally got a boxed copy of “The Secret of Monkey Island” coming my way, but alas, sans codewheel. :pensive:
Obviously, I’d be more than willing to make it worth your while. :wink:

(Hope the moderators don’t mind me posting this - but if not, please feel free to remove my post :innocent:)

Thanks in advance,


  • I mean that in the good way.

Well, my TRUE crime is that I definitely* paid more than 20 bucks for THIS particular game! :innocent:

  • “Gladly” - Just a shame you won’t benefit from my collecting “crime” :man_shrugging:

There are some SCUMM games compilation boxes that contain the same code wheel. Maybe you could get one of them for less than 20 bucks and put the wheel into your MI 1 box. No one would find out that it’s not from the same box. :wink:


Good shout BRB :wink::+1:

Saw on ebay, a couple of days ago, MI disks+manual+code wheel but NO box at a bunch of euros.

At first glance I read this as “be right back” and thought you´d check instantly.

I have one such codewheel, but no spare one I´m afraid.

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Thx for the tip!
I’ve been monitoring eBay for months now (at the risk of driving my missus mad with all the eBay notifications!!) for the “big box” version of MI.
Finally got a “good” deal on all but the wheel - but don’t remember seeing an item with “all but the box”. :thinking:
Will have to fire up the eBay notifications again! :smiling_imp:

#CouldMonkeyIslandBeGroundsForDivorce #IMayFindOutSoon :innocent:

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You’re right!! Sorry!!! It was Zak, all but the box. Sorry, my fault.

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Aw, good luck with finding the code wheel. I also have some incomplete old games which I hope to one day make complete again. :slight_smile: Missing a sewer map for Eye of the Beholder, as well as the CD of SSI’s Fantasy Fest! and the manual for Worlds of Ultima - The Savage Empire…

I’m missing a code wheel for MI2…

Got that one too, not spare either, unfortunatly.

So you guys all have the Henry Jones grail diary, then? I found out that I have all the feelies still, lately. I think the MM blackboard poster is the only one I don´t have.

Ooh I can help you with that! :wink:

Be careful though, it says “mint” but I can see everything… but no mint! :slight_smile:


you have a link? I lost my exit visa codes… really!



I remember having a hard time reading the handwriting. Should check if that was just me or if it really is hard to read.

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it is hard to read sometimes. But there are normal font versions out there too…

Oh,really? I didn´t know that.

I also don´t know whose handwriting it is in the grail diary(the feelie one that came in the box that is). @David @RonGilbert ?

Jayne Osgood