Pre-release Fanart - C64 Text Adventure

Potential text adventure on a C64 made by Häger (Source) (note: pre-release).


It seems that text adventures are still very common, especially if we consider this thread:

So is there actually an interest in an text adventure version of TWP?

I for one would certainly play a text adventure de-make of the game. So +1 from me.

I would play a TWP text adventure! But I would prefer a more original approach than a 1:1 de-make.

At the moment I’m not sure if you could make a 1:1 clone. Problems are the timed events and some visual puzzles, for example the lasers at the end.

So a text adventure version would be at least slightly different. But especially for one part of the game I have a cool conversion idea. :slight_smile:

One interesting part to convert would be the text adventure. Not sure if we can find some great alternative.

I have an idea for exactly that part… :wink:

(One easy solution would be to keep that part as a text adventure in a text adventure.)

That would be the easy solution, but something needs to be made different, hmm…

If you change TWP into a text adventure, you could change the text adventure into … :wink: But I don’t know if this works with Inform/Frotz et. al. (If I ever write such a fan demake, I wouldn’t program my own parser.)

Maybe we´re thinking of the exactly the same thing, maybe not. My first idea when I read about the issue with the text adventure was :"'Turn it into a graphic adventure!" you know, invert the whole thing, that would be funny.


Yep. That was my idea too. :slight_smile: But I don’t know if there exists a text adventure interpreter that allows this. Frotz is only able to show simple graphics AFAIK.

I would have preferred something more simple, e.g. 3D adventure -> 2D adventure -> text adventure -> ?

But maybe it could be some sort of really simple graphic “adventure”, e.g. simple graphics and you just click on exits for navigation, no characters (more like a slideshow).

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It’s always funny when they make “video game graphics” in video games, like in Sam&Max:

They also made something similar in the Telltale Games series:


The later Magnetic Scrolls text adventures were able to do this (for example Wonderland). There should be a free interpreter around, but no scripting tools AFAIR.