PS4 release date?

Hi there. :slight_smile:

When is this gem coming to PS4?


I’m wondering too! :open_mouth:

We have a 3 month exclusive with Microsoft and we can’t make any announcements of new console platforms during that period. So, don’t expect any news or announcements until the end of June.

Ah well, at least that contract doesn´t ask of you to always answer inquiries of that sort with “What´s a Playstation?” during that period.

Yay, got my badge!


Good work! I saw this earllier and almost had done it myself. Good I didn´t since I know how much you love your badges. :wink:

I do! :crazy_face:


Can I flag any of you? I want my badge as well! :sunglasses:

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(that like is not permission to flag me)

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oww… I was about to ask that :expressionless:

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mmm… :thinking: maybe there’s a secret badge for getting flagged?

Do you… do you think there might be?

No! Stop it!



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If I get drunk and threaten to kill all of you will I wake up in deep grass by the riverbank with no recollection of it get flagged, too?

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Congrats, Kate! Thanks for the report. The spammer has been eliminated.


Yeah, congrats! When I got this badge, I didn´t get a kiss on the cheek personal congratulation on top of it. :smirk:


That’s awkward. Never mind, see you at the after-party! :grinning:

What… what’s that? Oh. This is, uh… This is now very awkward.

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We men get never a kiss on the cheek personal congratulation for something … :thinking:

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