Who will be going to Gamescom 2018?

I am going to Gamescom on Saturday.

Anyone else from this forum going?

Anyone going to AdventureTreff Party on Friday?

Maybe we could meet there!

Till then!


Gamescom: yes, Saturday: yes, AdventureTreff Party unfortunatelly no

I´m mainly there with my nephew and his friend because they are too young to go alone…
Damn seems like I´m old and just a chaperon (had to look that word up, hope it´s the right one - like Anstandsdame).
But yeah I´m there again. But probaly a little bit bound to the Youtube and Twitch booth because of my nephew. ts… young people :rofl:
But I will be in the retro section too for sure.
Maybe while they are waiting a few hours to get something signed by their “Stars”. :roll_eyes:
And I will look for some new adventures.

I was never before but now it will be the third time in 4 years… strange.


Sorry I can’t.

Not me :frowning:
If there’s a TWP gathering @ Gamescon please share something here!

I will visit the retro section too.
Will wear the black TWP-shirt.
So watch out for that!

A black T-shirt… that doesn’t stand out in a crowd.
I suggest an orange/red afro and a helium filled balloon on a string!


I don’t have such an outfit, cause I’m no CosPlayer!

Nobody has born cosplayer. You can become a cosplayer anytime :smile:


And carrying a red balloon isn’t cosplaying - or is it? :thinking:

It is. You can say it’s IT. That’s it.


I second that, every one of us who´s there should have at least a flying red ballon. Great Idea :rofl:
I wouldn´t mind strapping one to my backpack.

But honestly I have no idea how to manage to get one in two days.

And until now it seems it´s only the two of us beeing there.


There are shops in cologne? :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry, I can’t attend (I haven’t got a ticket).

Yes there are…

But I have no ime to drive the 40km before I´m there a second time. And on saturday cologne will explode because of the Gamescom. :sweat_smile:

Aren’t there no “DM”, “Rossmann”, “Aldi” and similar shops around? (But I don’t want to force you to buy a balloon. :wink: )

Indeed. :frowning:

It´s not about the balloon. I have a 4 year old sweet little girl running around at home and for sure enough red balloons around here :joy:

But I´m afraid, even if I ask them kindly, they won´t fly. :thinking: :crazy_face:


Fill them with air and tie them on a stable wire (instead of a cord). You can use for example the wires that are used for gardening.

erm… no…

OK. I try to get a red balloon för Saturday.
Can’t promise to find one, cause I’m not from Cologne.
I come from Stuttgart tomorrow and I have no clue where to look for it.


Maybe I’m wearing this:

You think that’s better?


lol I think I would find you like this too…

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