Uncover your ears, he’s coming… ( Official announcement )

The uncensored DLC is comming.
A good reason to play it one more time !!! :ransome:

Can´t wait…



Not on consoles, though. :frowning:

edit: Before @RonGilbert comes and explains it to me, I know why that is but I still feel unhappy.


On mobile(s) and non-console device(s). Isn’t it enough?
:ransome: Drop those *beeping* consoles! :ransome:


But only on Switch? For PS and X-Box Ron could release another “uncensored” version of the game (if we ignore how much that would cost him).

I think he said all of them would have to go through an annoying re rating process. Also on playstation so nothing for me for now.:confused:

Yes, but it wouldn’t be technically impossible. Why don’t you connect your PC to your TV? :slight_smile:

Yeah, turns out that´s not true.

I don’t know you anymore


Cause I don´t wanna. Also, have you seen my PC?

*Image closely resembling actual subject


:ransome: How the beep am I supposed to explain to people that I’m in a point and click, when you don’t even beeping point and click?!

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(I just entered into the character too deeply! :smiley: )

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Yeah, we’re unhappy too. Our plan was to have to on the console as well, but when we started to talk to the platforms, we realized it was going to be impossible. It was a sad day.


On mobile(s)

Oops, you’re right. *beep* myself.

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Just a dumb question: Why does the DLC would change the rating? The “worst” swear word I’ve heard until now seems to be f*ck - and that is used by 6 year old kids today. TWP is rated with 12 (PEGI and USK). So the swearing shouldn’t raise this?

There are different rating systems around the world.
In Europe, for instance, there is the PEGI, which classifies:

  • 12: Any bad language in this category must be mild and fall short of sexual expletives.
  • 16: More extreme bad language

The point here is: if the DLC is rated 16, and the game is rated 12, should the game be rated 16 too?
Nintendo, Xbox and Sony answers Yes, while Steam and Gog answers No.

Yes, but my question is: Why should the DLC be rated 16? What is in the DLC that is not suitable for kids at 12?

Yes, there is bad language in it, but not extreme bad language. As I said: The F-word is used by 6 year old kids today. And the other swear words I’ve heard are “mild”. There aren’t any sexual expletives. The early evening program in TV has much more worse expletives and bad language. So I can’t comprehend why the DLC should be rated 16 and not 12.

I´m guessing the DLC only affects the english subtitles and all other langues still say beep?

You know, there are plenty of persons that decide what is suitable for children and what is not. And the criteria are different from country to country, based on many elements.
We can agree or disagree, of course.
I personally know children aged 9/10/11 which play “GTA V”, rated 18 for violence, strong language (it’s subtitled in italian, and uncensored), sexual activities, cruelties.
Apparentely, they seem not to care what they experience: in their mind there is the refrain: “it’s JUST a game, it’s not real”.
Some agree with those thoughts, some not.

I’m not ashamed to say that I have played GTA V, but I skipped some sections of the game. Too much violence and cruelty, even if I am an adult.

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Just my two cents:

Surpressing language doesn´t seem to have the best effect. Words do only have as much power as we give to them. Lenny Bruce did a wonderful bit about that I recommend to check that out.

In germany no words are verboten per sé. Peope just intentionally rarely use bad language because it feels low and is frowned upon. Whereas I´ve noticed that americans often have the tendecy when they´re in an envioronment where langauge is allowed they tend to drop the f-bombs left and write in a tone of relieve.

That´s not the way this should work, people should be allowed to and realise why they shouldn´t care to.

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I purchased it but won’t have time to try it out until the weekend. But according to GOG: “The subtitles still have beeps in them. Only the English audio is uncensored.”.

Ratings probably should go as cautious as possible.
I think I wouldn’t like my 12yo to play a game with that much swearing. So, I suppose it’s OK if the DLC is rated 16.

And, by the way, I’d be totally fine with my 12yo playing a violent game. Game violence is so “distant” from everyday life that the line between reality and game is perfectly clear. I mean, except for high schools in USA, it is unlikely that a kid is able to perform all the violence depicted in the average GTA game, so there isn’t even the risk that they mix it up and end up trying to kill prostitutes with a bazooka.

While language is different. A 12yo kid may already use swear words, but he might not be able to develop two “different languages” according to the context he’s in. So, if he gets used to using swear words even when it’s not appropriate (i.e. everywhere except with his school friends) he might face some problems in the future.

But I suppose I’m like that because that’s what my parents did with me. They had no problems with me playing Carmageddon, killing everything in sight. But as soon as I said a swear word in their presence, I was grounded.