Boxed versions of TWP for PS4 and Switch are coming

Ron announced that:


This is a great news!!

Wow, Ron even put aside his Twitter antipathy to tell people.

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Wow, I will envy PS4 and Switch users from now on. I have an Xbox One instead, aside from my PC.

If we already have the digital version, can we get the empty box for free? :smiley:
(Just kidding, but I do like that box.)


I wonder if the box will be in stores worldwide. I will check in my local store on Saturday

They seem to be available on Limited Run Games only, just as the boxed copy on fangamer has been.

I’d love to see the cartridge of the Switch edition. Is there a picture anywhere?

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These won’t be in stores. Why you ask? Fucking game rating boards. I also think there are region free issues if they are in stores.

Just out of curiosity :hugs:
I was imagIning myself going into my favourite game store and spot Thimbleweed Park between Far Cry 5 and God of War… and listening to my little cousin saying: “Zak! Look! Isn’t that the game you always talk me about?”

Oh, here usually the kids go, pick up the box, cry in front of their parents doing the whims, they give a quick look to the box colours and then they pay. Rating? What’s that? What is it for?
(Not all do it that way, but most do).

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An extra fee to rate a boxed version of a digital game?! That’s ridiculous! :angry:

Yes, in America it seems there’s no law that requires games to have ratings, but the policy of many retailers says otherwise.

Yes. It would be interesting to know in which countries this is actually necessary. AFAIK in Germany your game has to be rated only once. And according to GOG, TWP has an official USK rating of 12.

It’s not only the rating: In Germany there are regulations of how you have to present the rating on the box. And the photo/mockup of the PS4/Switch boxes don’t have USK stickers. So you can’t sell them in Germany.

Beside that, there are only very few video game shops and stores left. I’m not sure if it would be profitable to sell a boxed version in these stores.

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I´ve seen a boxed version of Axiom Verge at Media Markt a few weeks ago. Axiom Verge!

Yes, there seems to be several publishers for these games in Germany. Here at our Saturn market you can buy “Gone Home”, “Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons” and several other indie games as a boxed version.

Cutting it close on the price :laughing:


I can’t wait!


According to, these games sold much better than TWP, though. Even Axiom Verge was sold twice as many times. Most people might look for such games in the internet anyway, so offering it via Amazon might be a better idea. But, I agree that it would have been great to see TWP on a shelf in a store, of course.

Wow, that one must have turned in quite a profit considering the size of its “team”.

In which time frame(s)?

Okay, all three games a few years older than TWP and might have been offered in several sales since then, but this does not imply that the physical copies in the stores have paid for themselves already.

Yes, I’m skeptical that they are profitable. That’s why I’m surprised that so many boxed versions of indie games are (still) available in Germany.

I´m also amazed at the amount of indie games that come out for the switch. I don´t remember any time where that ever happened on a Nintendo console before.