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Question about thimbleberries and pizza place


Hey all I searched for an hour in the forest Looking for thimbleberries - then I used the head and eventually came across the grave thingy indicating I needed a shovel so I tried for awhile to get the shovel. Are thimbleberries supposed to be found randomly? If so the amount of search time is utterly ridiculous. The assumption after 15 or so minutes Is that they are doing something wrong. Was I? Is there some quick method for finding berries? I looked at some spoiler videos after I finished the game and most people found them fast. Was there no hotspot for the berries or something?

Also, was there any hint that the pizza place was in the forest? Thanks

  1. The forest is randomised and if you go in without the head you will find the bush with the Thimbleberries to your right sooner than later.

  2. I think the closest hint is that among among the random people walking over the puddle sometimes Chet the Pizza guy will be one of them.


After 5 random paths. There’s a big big bush of thimbleberries.


Wow I looked forever and was super careful. Do you know if the thimbleberries bush lights up as a hotspot when highlighting (tap and hold on iOS)?

Also was there an indication in the bushes by corpse that the chainsaw was there or was that just supposed to be pixel hunted? Thanks!


I suppose that worked fine for cursor-based platforms. The hotspot was pretty big, almost impossible to miss while using the mouse. It’s probably also for this reason that they added the hotspot reveal thing on touch devices

I think there’s no other indication, except maybe the fact that the player knows Boris got killed and dragged, and there’s a long and seemingly empty scenery part where the body has been dragged, should suggest the player that he needs to take a look there.


Yes, obviously it is possible to “miss” the chainsaw hotspot, but I would not address it as “pixel hunting”. It is quite unlickey that if you go over there two or three times, you don’t manage to see it at least once. I’ve followed 3 people playing (who weren’t used to adventure games) and they spotted it immediately.


Hm … actually you can’t miss him. It’s a big bush with red berries right in the middle of the screen. :slight_smile: