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Really well hidden endings


I´m almost a little dissapointed he wrote the name right.


which is one of my favorites of all times! Check out for the movie!


Really looking forward for that!


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Nice to meet you, too. It’s a nice community here.


Sorry for digging up this old thread, but reading it a few weeks ago really hit a nerve.

There’s the hint about endings “most players won’t see”. I’ve spent a lot of time to find the actual source. For future visitors: It was here: in the comments, and the actual words were: “There are also a few hidden endings most people never see.”

Then there was @ZakMcKracken’s comment about the Reboot Loop and possibly a puzzle in the code, which makes oh so much sense… given the story, given the way the game taunts about it.

Then I noticed that the game time keeps running after the reboot loop. Starting and saving a new game will include all the previous game time (as indicated in the Load screen). Could be a “bug”, but it could just as well be a subtle hint – one that would fit very well.

Also there’s Chuck saying he discovered a way to keep count of the reboots. I have not yet discovered an in-game way to see this, but maybe there is. Things that behave differently on subsequent play-throughs…?

And a final thought: Inside the PillowTron, before entering the Wireframe world, the final tube is never pushed. It’s not even possible to do that. Apparently Chuck distracted Delores successfully!

Well, anyway, I can’t shake the idea that there’s more to this. I’ve played through the game four times now, nothing seems to have changed. I’ve spent the better part of a week poking through the game files and reading the whole game source. There’s some mildly interesting stuff, but nothing at all that would point to an alternate ending or anything helpful really.

It’s driving me mad. Maybe there just isn’t more to it and the game just beeps with my head.

So, point of this posting: Did you observe something to support that reboot-awareness theory? What do you think?


I’ve only played the game once, but I’ll keep an eye out for clues when I play it again. I really like the idea of a hidden ending that involves breaking the loop.

Maybe some hidden endings can be found if some characters complete their normal endings, but not others?
Is that even possible? I have a save file at the start of that part, so maybe I’ll give it a try…

By the way, welcome to the forum! :smile:


The game ends when you decide to end it. You can completely skip everyone but Delores.

I dunno, can Edna kill you or something? :stuck_out_tongue: I just ran off.


Me too, but I think that’s automatic.


There’s only one alternate ending that I know of…

…unlike those Sierra-Online murder simulators.


Which is funny because in the intro bit where the game shows you how to play you can see Boris in his hotel room and he has a blue bear with him.

Also another thing where does the kid go?


The Hotel Kid? He goes in his room.


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken He isn’t up there. I went to every room?


He is very good at playing hide and seek :wink: