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So yes, I don’t want to say anything yet. But I’ve discovered a few things that lead me to believe what Ron said in the blog was very true about Hidden Endings few people will see.

Not going to say much more, however when I do post again about this I won’t be ‘giving it away’, even if I am right in my assumptions I might give a couple of vague hints. Cheerio for now…

Looking forward to it.


Sad to report they were dead ends. I now think there isn’t an alternative ending/s. Sorry.


But it would be interesting to know what these dead ends are and how you got there. :slight_smile:

I wrote a tool to dig around in the resources. I understand there are some others online but I couldn’t get them to work without a lot of messing about so did my own.

  • 2 characters had a conversion and I could never get them in the same room in the game

  • Objects in the inventory that don’t appear in the game at all

  • Some of the phone answer machine messages are very ‘mysterious’

  • A room image I thought indicated a room in the game but it doesn’t, or if it does it is inaccessible

  • Various dialog sound files of things I have never heard in the game. Dug mentions ‘that’s how Forrest sorts the books’ and a few other bits I’ve never heard him say and some unused Delores sounds and things like that.

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