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Remastering old games: do more resolution and colors make the graphics better?


However, it says “Artist: Turner/Chan” in the corner.


On the left it says “designer: Turner”. It seems Chan is the author, Turner the “designer”. Now, what does it mean to be a designer in this case? Who was it that chose the colors? :slight_smile:


That’s an interesting question indeed. Though it may be impossible to find out what was done by Purcell/Chan/Turner, because it’s always teamwork and I doubt that the duties of the team members were assigned so strictly back then.


In the two TellTale games that I listed you can third-person free roam small environments. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remember a 3D adventure game in which you can roam very large spaces as in realMYST or as the demo shown in that video.

To me, they didn’t just change the colors. They changed the time of the day.

I think that it means that Turner decided the contents and composition of the scene and that Chan painted it.


Oh yeah!!

Like replacing the nose glasses and hat with a false beard and turnip ? And changing the kazoo Pop goes the weasel by a cell phone playing Raiders March?


Try the FM Towns Version and see what happens…did you know that or are you like…a wizard or something?

edit: linked to the part of Zak playing the Kazoo in the FM Towns version.


Subconsciously I knew there is good chance of such a version out there. Thanks for reminding me. My reaction was “NOOOOO!” and I never gave the FM towns version another look (after already disliking it graphically, see my earlier post in this thread)


I am just a smart goldfish apparently


Really the first major change done was in the Arcade room when they changed the Star Wars poster to the Zak Poster in the enhanced version that was released after Zak(while adding a Maniac Mansion poster to Zak in Lou´s Loan´s as well as a Last Crusade Poster to the secret room).

It´s like the A New Hope subtitle of Star Wars. Changes were done really early on.


Then again, I wouldn’t object to a new remaster of MI that only updates this (nothing else):


As I wrote above that would be very simliar to the retroactive addition of the Zak Poster in MM.


I don’t remember those poster updates… wasn’t it Rescue on Fractalus in the secret room? Indy 3 never got a release on the C64 anyway. So probably only the PC and amiga versions got these revisionist updates?


Yes, but so much more subtle and “non-annoying”


The C64 version had no posters anywhere. The PC version had Rescue on Fractalus in the secret room which again was replaced by a Last Crusade Poster in the FM Towns version (the game box art that only shows Harrison Ford and Sean Connery not the movie poster). So the FM Towns version added 2 Indy references. Interesting how they used to update games adding in jokes instead of removing them back in the day…


Yes, in-jokes are funny, too bad that someone (not Someone) thinks they should not exist.


Were they in-jokes or just plain product placement?


@Someone is the forum´s inofficial Abbot and Costello joke…


That´s an interesting question…actually did you know that there is a “remove annoying product placements” button that comes with the Michael Bay Transformers movies and last years Ghostbusters?

Hint: It´s the “off” button on your remote!


Well, yes, the commercial aspect is what I meant by the first kind: the game was popular in the past, so they try to “update it” for a modern and different audience in order to take advantage of the franchise.

Although I wish Thimbleweed Park were a runaway best-seller, and believe it deserves so, I do understand why DotT sells so much better. It was indeed very popular, and many people have fond memories of it.

As a matter of fact, I am one of those people. Honestly, I played it back in the '90s, having no idea about LucasFilms (other than Star Wars) nor Ron Gilbert.

Because of that, I have an emotional connection to that game, more so than even Maniac Mansion, which I played as an adult and couldn’t avoid comparing to DotT and (at least then) wishing it was closer to it.

Thimbleweed Park is great and I love it, but it is not really fair to pit it against the nostalgia fueled effect of beloved genuinely vintage games.



My memory is failing then…
I clearly remember a poster for Curse of Monkey Island in Lou’s pawnshop and a teaser poster for Grimm Fandango in the secret room (a skeleton wielding a scythe with the words: the end is near, contact your travel salesman NOW!) , with Zak taking place in 1997 and all…