The Secret of Monkey Island EGA

I recently had the pleasure of playing the EGA version of MI1 for the very first time, and I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years. The background art is just at a whole different level of artistry. Here’s a couple screen grabs I took from ScummVM.


Color dithering at its best!
Many shades of color with a starting palette of only 16.

I love the second background you posted. I’m always mesmerized by the lights of the Circus tent and the blue leaves.


Yes! The way there is so much black actually with just some colored light bouncing of the silhouettes of those trees and leaves. Mark Ferrari at his best!


This is part of my childhood. Better, the transition from childhood to adulthood. These shades and this atmosphere made my teen age. Too bad you didn’t play that back then.

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This one should be included with the SE downloads, imho.

Interestingly, while the Amiga and Sega versions use downconverted VGA graphics to 32 colors, they use the same actor graphics with 16 colors as the EGA version.

Also interesting are the unique close ups of the EGA version, which are completely different from all other versions.


Is this due to the limitations of the hardware sprites? :thinking:

This is my favorite closeup

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More like the limitation of colors. Most actors have about 16 individual colors in the VGA version. You just can’t do that when you only have 32 colors in total.
The only hardware sprite on the Amiga version is the mouse cursor.

Lucky you! You could play the EGA version back then. We only had CGA on a greenish monochrome monitor.
A few month ago I listened to the PC speaker soundtrack of MI1 on YT, and I couldn’t believe that my childish ears back then didn’t bleed. I guess it was because it was the best I’ve ever heard back then.

Does anyone know if you can play the EGA version with “talkie”

I know the ultimate version exists with VGA, but does anyone know if the same was done for EGA?

The Ultimate Talkie Edition is a wonderful effort by @LogicDeLuxe.
I don’t know if it would be a long job to make an Ultimate EGA version. Maybe he can answer.

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A quick search gave me this video:

That sounds a lot better than the PC speaker on my Pentium 3, probably slightly better than the PC speaker on my Pentium 100, and worse than the PC speaker on my IBM PS/2.

For me Monkey Island sounded like this:

I kind of want one of these but it has no nostalgic value:

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Would someone perhaps have a tip for me where I could get the German EGA version from? This version is obviously comparatively rare. I have the original English EGA version with disks and cardboard. I would be very happy about any tip. I’d love to play it with ScummVM.

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Me too. :slight_smile: