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Remastering old games: do more resolution and colors make the graphics better?


Nice remasters are great but bad remasters are, well, bad. Post-Effects can add some atmosphere (mostly they drain the battery) but increasing the resolution by drawing it new, if done rightly, can lift it to a new level. I think it’s time to let low-res go. I see the benefit for having less resources but if you’re honest to yourself, if you have the option to choose between a) great high-res art and b) great low-res art, you mostly wanna go with a.

I’m sure both would happily agree.


You can also a) watch the movies of LOTR, or b) read the books.
The story will be about the same.

When reading books you have to build the world in your head with your imagination.
It’s similar with pixel art. E.g. I can imagine the faces of the characters above as I like. I can think of details which even the original artist didn’t imagine.

And analogue to movies: With HD art there isn’t much left to your imagination, you get what the artists have imagined. And then it really depends on if you like their interpretation of the scenery and characters etc. or not.

Yes, I prefer pixel art.


Sometimes it’s better when you imagination renders the wold, sometimes its better when a multi million budgeted film does. Star Wars was more fun in the cinema, right?!

Also, we are differing within the world of presentation already, were pixel art is one way to abstract, but you can abstract by many different ways which include high res - have a look at modern art, expressionism, many great comic artists etc. and it’s narrow minded to choose only one way to go with. Many devs lack more imagination in this respect.

And this isn’t pixel art, this is pixel cancer.


Star Wars was never meant to be a book, it was meant to be (only) a film. So this comparison doesn’t fit IMHO. But I know what you would like to say.


Even more if we’re talking about VR V2. People are working on trying to increase the dpi, the res, widen the fov, over and over again. I can’t remember a time when this wasn’t an issue. Then you have these wonderful crisp high res oled displays and some people waste shader performance on rendering a blocky mess with per pixel lighting.


Provided you rip half the pages from the book(s) first, and rewrite half of what is left. Otherwise, yes.

Yeah, stuff like


These are hires, but still leave room for imagination.


Yes, it’s great for people without much imagination.

I’m generally a fan of science fiction and I also liked the Star Wars movies. Star Wars fan would be too much though.

To answer your question:
No. I’ve played many hours of X-Wing & Co and in total had more fun with those than with the movies.

Warning: huge pixels

No one said you can’t use other styles. I play pixel art games, high-res 2D games, 3D games with stylised graphics etc.
You, for some reason, hate pixel art and I just told you the reasons why I like it so much.

Regarding the second one:
I wouldn’t call it hires art just because it can be rendered at every humongous display resolution imaginable.
It’s low-poly art which is for me quite similar to pixel art, or any other more abstract art.


Yep and there are so many more options.

I enjoy a nice presentation. If you want it to be super abstract, stay with books. If you use a visual stimulus (highway to your brain), there is no reason for, wanting it to be bad or limited. Pixel art evolved due to the technological limitations in the early years. Video games always tried to push the boundries and they’ll continue until there are no limitation anymore and then you’ll be free to choose whatever representation you envision.

I did not enjoy the X-Wing series because the input, the presentation, the focus and complexity of the games were terrible. The tech just wasn’t ready. In the near future there might be a version which could be fun (if they alter their game design as well) and more like a movie.

What I dislike is the lazyness of not trying to come up with something new and better and all the lame referencing to the history of video games without any evolution. I can enjoy some proper pixel art but retro low budgeted indies are way too fixed on it, and it’s insanely boring.


Tell that to modern art then.

Which I dislike, but there is reason for wanting to go the pixel way.


This tridimensional space seems to be inspired by the style of Moebius and it’s awesome!


Yeah, that was me first thought when I saw this, too! :heart:


Here is the solution: pixel fetishists who don’t appreciate clearness, could agree to Grickle’s style, high-res but full of jaggie like strokes (even at the comfort angles).

A Grickle adventure could be so great.


Just checked your link and saw it for the first time. Supposing it’s 3D modeling with pencil-like lines and 2D characters, yeah, why not?


Why should we do that? What has pixel art done to you that you want to get rid of it and take it away from us?
I just keep my big pixel, thanks.

Btw. when I first saw the indie game The Last Door even I thought it was too much, i.e. too pixelated. But later I bought it and it turned out to work great that way.

That’s how it looks like in the Telltale Games engine:


I would favor if more adventures would go high-res and use existing technology because it would make such games more appealing to me and it seems to be a logical step into the right direction. I wouldn’t want to play The Last Door because I also expect some graphics from a graphics adventure, within my tolerance range, and going this blocky, destroys the game for me. So, it’s x-1 potential adventures.



pixel art in 640+ pixels looks great too!

Yuriy Gostev is one of the best


How do you like BS5 compared to BS1 or BS2 or even more pixelated games like BASS?

To be honest: I’d like to see a potential BASS2 in a pixelated style like the first BASS is, rather than a style like BS5.

Another one to put on your list of adventures not to buy: There is also The Last Door: Season 2!
And don’t forget there is a sequel of The Darkside Detective coming out too.


Exactly. It’s from an upcoming game called Sable. Looks to be an explorative adventure walking (well, hoverbiking) simulator type of game. Seems to fit my niche, and it looks gorgeous to boot.


The controls were a lot clunkier in BS5 for the longest time. Luckily it’s finally been patched, so someday I can play it. The looks are fine.


Graphics related? I think BS5 mostly did a nice job on the backgrounds, they’re far better than what they did in the other games you’ve mentioned. If there ever comes a BASS2 (or something similar), I would favor if it would be completely drawn in Dave Gibbons’ style, high-res.

I know, and I enjoyed the humor and the music in the Darkside Detective but the graphics were annoying, so, I found my tolerance border already.

It doesn’t get me excited. I like Dan Malone’s pixel art (also Octavi Navarro’s and a couple of others) more and imagine how great a 40hours work from Moebius or Mike Mignola could have looked like.