[Poll] Would you have enjoyed…

Would you have enjoyed this simpler graphic style:

…more than this graphic style: ?

  • Yes
  • Probably yes
  • Probably no
  • No
  • Other (specify in the thread)

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If there is one detail that I really miss, it´s the tree branch in front of the full moon.

Better enjoyed may be the wrong word, but I´d be intrigued to replay the game, if there was an option to set it to that style(even though that would make the ending somewhat impossible).

I’m sure I would have enjoyed the game with simpler graphics. But I don’t think I would have enjoyed it more or less than with the currently used style.

I do think more people (especially casual gamers) enjoy the currently used style more so it should sell better than with its original planned style.

Did the “should sell better” influence your vote or was it just an added thought? :slight_smile:

I changed the last sentence to be more clear :slight_smile:

I would have.

I would have enjoyed the game nevertheless.

And I would have enjoyed the graphics too, if I hadn’t ever seen the final graphics :stuck_out_tongue: but now that I know both of them, I doubt anyone would prefer the original style.

But in the end… we got both graphics, in the same game. So, why vote for this poll? :laughing::sweat_smile:


I would have enjoyed the game less with the simple graphics. So my answer is “no”. (Surprised that someone said yes)

Otoh I would still have bought it, at the same price. (Or at triple the price, actually. I am a “non-marginal” buyer).

I wonder how much less it would have sold with the simpler graphics.

That’s an interesting question. I agree with @Nor_Treblig: I would have enjoyed both games.

But I think that a game with the Kickstarter graphics would be a different game, because the graphics influence the game design and the experience playing it.

I recall the first time I entered the “wireframe world,” both my wife and I remarked on the same thing: we would have much preferred to have those graphics if it meant spending the extra effort, time, and money on a better ending.


I think the wireframe world is just a mockup, it’s not what we would have had if Mark Ferrari did not join the project. (the wireframe world looked to me completely unshippable to be honest)

What about a graphics style in between: Mark’s wireframe style.
It would need to be a noir detective story of course.




Mark’s wireframing is something completely different, it’s more like final art…

Here is the blog post about original wireframing (by Gary).


The problem is, the ending is intended to be so. At least, I believe when Ron says so :stuck_out_tongue: so it wouldn’t have changed much even with wireframe graphics

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Mr. Ferrari’s work. I am not opposed to using it in the game, I think the game looks beautiful. It’s just that I’m sure it took a lot more effort and time than what would have been needed to do simpler C=64-style graphics. I would then have preferred for them to have expended that time and effort in a better and more measured 3rd act.


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I’m sure the story evolved throughout the development effort, just like the art style did. There are even suggestions to this effect in the development blog.

Anyway, that’s my opinion. I already know yours. :stuck_out_tongue:


But I was curious about how much you (all) like the two kind of graphics from an aesthetic/artistic point of view only. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretend that the game has an ending that met your expectations: which kind of graphic style would you have liked more?

That’s a fair question. On the one hand, I have to say that I loooove :heart_eyes: Mr. Ferrari’s artwork, it is just gorgeous.

On the other hand, I think that maintaining the original visual style mimicking the Commodore 64 era graphics would have made for a stronger emotional and nostalgic connection, at least to me.

I really was sold on the Kickstarter by virtue of the graphics and the concept of “an old LucasFilms game you’ve never played.” That’s even before knowing anything about Mr. Gilbert, and with “Day of the Tentacle” being the only game from LucasFilms that I played before.

The thing is that, when I see the wireframe graphics and the old Kickstarter artwork, I can see the germ of that promise unfulfilled, and wonder what could have been.

However, it’s a bit moot now because the game we got is truly great (in general), and the one with the old C=64 graphics was never made.


I disliked C64 graphics even back then when I had a C64. :ransome:

Amiga was much better :stuck_out_tongue: