Remove verbs and items from the layout

Hi! I´m willing to make a wallpaper for my dual monitor and would love to make some from the backgrounds and places of twp. So, is there a way to remove them in some way so I can take clean screenshots?


PS: Loved the “Your topic is similar to…” feature of this forum!

In your prefs file set:

hideUIEnabled: 1

Then you can use ^U to hide and show the UI.


Thanks Ron!

Wow, you thought of everything! :+1:

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It’s not like he added it just for fun :slight_smile:

But I wonder why he didn’t add a hideSpecksOfDust option… I guess he just likes to drive other people crazy irrespective of his own sanity.

I would guess that the “specks of dust” are a core feature of the core in the core of the core engine. So it’s impossible to deactivate the specks of dust without breaking the whole game. But that is just a guess.


I remember that Ron mentioned that functionality (but not the name of the corresponding option) on the blog.

Yeah this sounds plausible, it’s a core functionality, like the opposite of a grain of sand in a gearbox.

Other than an option the easiest way for users to “deactivate” them is probably to replace them with a transparent pixel.

I was (seriously) talking about hiding the UI to take screenshots.

Oops, OK.

Did you reply to Someone or to the initial post? I wonder if the difference is visible.

I added this because I knew people would want to take their own screen shots. There is another option (only in debug mode) where I can cycle though hiding the UI, the main character, and all characters that I used for screen shots. It was sometimes useful to walk an invisible character around. There was also an option where the cursor keys would move the camera to line up screen shots. We used this to make the ViewTron images. None of this is available in the release build of the game.

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Worked great, thanks!



I immediately found me searching for specks of dust. Thank you, Mr. Gilbert. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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