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TWP Game analysis [German]

I messaged Ron and Calypso about the missing forum banner and they both suggested to ask eviltrout which I did too. He found the problem and added the banner again. I thought it looks a little odd compared to how it looked before it was gone, maybe just because of the positioning or cutout he used.

So I searched online to find a complete pic of the banner to see how a diffenrent cutout would look.
Instead I found a game analysis someone somebody wrote at the university in bayreuth Germany.

So whoever is interessted and can read german text, here it is:

PS: I found the banner on my own harddrive :slight_smile:


You mean that vista?

Or the improved vista?



For reference since not everyone knows this reference:
TWP Blog: SPOILER: There Is Not A Door On Top Of The Vista

I think this picture was composed by @Festarossa (see comment section).

@RonGilbert: You broke da interwebs!
All external links to the TWP Blog are probably broken: Can you add redirects to those .html-files or configure the server to serve files without extension?

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Yes, this was my take on the matter that you’d need “a key” to enter the county.

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