Ron about the second TWP production mistake

Ron has posted a blog post about the second of the top three production mistakes:

After reading the post I would say that CI wasn’t the mistake but this: :wink:

“… and I said “later”.”

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Well, there are companies that lack CI and keep saying “later”… :roll_eyes:

Yep. That’s the main problem.

The best part is this quote by Ron in the comments (well, for those who didn’t get any of that computer mojo-hoodoo in the article)

“If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Yeah, but that’s an old joke. We made it at least 20 years ago. :wink:

Hence “quote”

Guess that’s what all those companies that promised cross-platform during their Kickstarters and then failed to deliver would have needed.

Personally, I would have liked that too, while my project was still in active development, 10 years ago. Nowadays, when I only do very infrequent builds to update 3rd party dependencies, or when people contribute translations, most time is spent on updating the various build platforms with those dependencies (Linux, Win32, Win64, OSX PPC, OSX Intel) before running scripts to build the engine, the data and the actual distribution. Doesn’t help much that you can’t run old version of OSX in a VM on newer hardware, or that Certum at one point decided that my codesigning certificate had to be stored in a hardware token instead of the system’s keystore.

But yeah, during active development, CI would be a godsend.

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