Why does the dragon near Thimblecon say this:-?

He said “Disney is the best company ever!” Was he being sarcastic or he really meant it?

It’s sarcastic, in my opinion.
You know, almost 6 years ago Disney has acquired all the Lucas related things (for example: Star wars and all the videogames).
We players are not happy of that for many reasons.
One of them is because Ron Gilbert can’t make another Monkey Island game, because the Intellectual Property is now owned by Disney, and he can’t use names or images in a new videogame without infringe the copyright.


And, back in 1987, the dragon couldn’t imagine that this would happen. If I’m right, he does many statements which will be denied by the future.


30 years ago, I just liked Disney because I liked Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, The Jungle Book and so on… I guess Disney was by far smaller and more charming for most people back then.


Almost everything the Dragon says is actually meant by him, but pretty sarcastic in hindsight by the devs.

He says things like you’ll never fill a CD-rom, VHS can’t be improved, there will never be a Terminator sequel, there won’t be good Lord of the Rings movies… and so on.


I don’t know, since S-VHS came out in '87 has there really been a consumer-facing improvement to VHS? Sure, sure, there were these digital(?) VHS-like tapes with HD video in the early '90s but I for one have never seen one of those. So I’d say just how far the dramatic irony goes depends a bit on whether you interpret it as literally “VHS” or as “home video formats”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did he say anything about modem speeds? (I think Delores might’ve said something about how fast hers was.) My VDSL2 modem syncs at about 100/20[1] and that silly old phone line has more left to give.

[1] Limited to 50/4 by my subscription. In practice it’s something like 55/3.9 so I guess the discrepancy turns out slightly in my favor.

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He also mentions Hoverboards. Which were introduced to pop culture in 1989 with Back To The Future 2 and he says “Han Shot First” which is a controversy that didn´t start before the altering of that scene in the Special Edition in 1997.

I think I have an idea who might be underneath that dragon costume…


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I never thought of it being sarcastic. I thought the devs wanted to ingratiate themselves.

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More generally it can be seen as a commentary on the futility and absurdity of posting (strong) opinions on Twitter and other social media that history will prove wrong in hindsight.

But I think it’s just making fun of our own common beliefs 30 years further down the road.
Just like this: