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Interviews & videos with the devs :delores:

This video, “27 questions to Ron Gilbert” asked while going to the offices in Berlin, offered a nice and ironical insight about what Ron actually thinks of new technologies in gaming, Star Wars, and being stalked by George Lucas :stuck_out_tongue:.

Interview with Ron from Talks at Google:

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Talk with Ron Gilbert during Game Forum Germany 2011:

An Interview with Ron Gilbert by Checkpoint TV in Argentina (2016)

Ron Gilbert and other adventure game developers share their thoughts about what the future will reserve to the genre (with references to TWP):

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David Wolinsky (Don’t Die) interviews Ron Gilbert in 2018:

David Barr Kirtley (Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy) interviews Ron Gilbert in 2010:

Interview with David (4 parts):

David at Classic Gaming Expo 2012

David Fox - LucasArts: The Early Years (Complete):

David Fox’s collection of presentations from ex-Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts members:

GDC 2016 talk by Mark Ferrari about “8 Bit & ‘8 Bitish’ Graphics”

David Barr Kirtley (Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy) discusses with Mark Ferrari about the appeal of pixel art and whether it’s a dying form:

Steve Kirk talks about TWP soundtrack:

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Another interview with David Fox (mainly about Zak McKracken, but also about other games and getting back together for TWP)


PS This first post is a wiki one, it means that users can modify the post and add things to it. Feel free to do that, as long as videos and interviews involve the devs of Thimbleweed Park, and (maybe) have a connection with their experience on that game or on the previous ones in the long story of computer games within LucasFilmGames/Arts (and successive companies like Terrible Toybox). Luckily their contribute is large, and this way we can keep having a common theme for this thread :wink:


Yes, I think so too.

That’s exactly the feeling that made me decide to open a new thread with this argument :grinning:


Q: "Are you in contact with George Lucas?"
R: “Oh, everyday. He calls me every morning.” :grin::grin::grin:


It’s a nice, polite and funny interview, I’m laughing at Ron’s answers :grin::grin::joy:

Can you make your first post a Wiki post so that you (and maybe we others) are able to add more videos? This way we would have them all in the first post.

Done :slight_smile:

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Ron always seems super nice in interviews. I guess he reserves all his grumpiness for the internet (less so now that he quit twitter).

I took the liberty of joining both videos in the first post.


After watching some of the old videos in the retro thread I came across Ron’s postmortem of Maniac Mansion at GFG (Game Forum Germany).
I’ve not watched many interviews with Ron and You’ve probably all seen it before, but thought I’d post it anyway.

I thought it was so interesting - Ron did a really great talk and I loved hearing about the ins and outs of how they planned (or didn’t) the game - especially having just played it recently.

I think this was just before, or during, making The Cave.


I watched that one many times, because it has so much info on the cinematic and real life influences on the game. When I saw it first I was amazed that the makers of a game I loved as a kid watched the same kind of movies that I went on doing without realising it.

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@Gffp: I’ve added the video in the first post.

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Interviews with David Fox (4 parts):

and David at Classic Gaming Expo 2012


Could you believe me? I was browsing the exactly same video (the second one) you posted! And I was searching for this one which is one of the most complete videos about the LucasFilm Games experience in computer gaming, by @David Fox. (Check also his and Annie’s channel “Electric eggplant videos” on youtube

You can put them in the first post at any time, if you want. Feel free everyone to do that, as long as they come from the devs of Thimbleweed Park, and have connection with their experience on that game or on the previous ones in the long story of LucasFilmGames/Arts :slight_smile:


Did that with the three David videos. :slight_smile:


Check this out too:


Oh great, many I have never seen before. Always great since video interviews with you are rather few and far between. Especially love the video games the movie clip!

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I’m not in a lot of these, but I’ve added them to the list because they’re related in some way to Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, or the people that worked there.


That´s great. Those from the pre www days are worth a lot since stuff like that was rare anyway. But in germany we got none of this. LucasFilm Games only existed in specialised magazines.


I’ve added the list to the first post. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much! More chances for relaxing time on the spring evenings to come :wink: