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This topic is a more generic version of these:

While waiting for Beyond a Steel Sky (for mere mortals without apple devices) here is a recent interview with Charles Cecil and Rolf Saxon, mainly about Broken Sword:

It’s always a pleasure to listening to those guys! Interviewer is Jason Manford, a British comedian who in lockdown learned about the strange phenomenon of people watching other people play video games.


Noah Falstein mentioned an interesting piece of information at 44:14 on his interview about his amazing continuing journey through the game industry

In fact, later this afternoon I’m going to be working on a collaboration with two of my other friends of that era and it’s still unreleased. So, I probably shouldn’t even say who they are.


A short interview with Bill Tiller (made by the creator of The Shivers):
Meet the Team: Bill Tiller (lead illustrator)

Virtual presentation by David Fox about development of Rube Works VR:

Here is a short in-game video of a development build:


David Fox interviewed at a Spanish event, yesterday.
Questions from the users at 1:11:26 :grin::smirk::yum:
Action figures of Zak collected by now (donated by fans around the world) at 40:00


Tim Schafer talking about Double Fine:

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