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This topic is a more generic version of these:

While waiting for Beyond a Steel Sky (for mere mortals without apple devices) here is a recent interview with Charles Cecil and Rolf Saxon, mainly about Broken Sword:

It’s always a pleasure to listening to those guys! Interviewer is Jason Manford, a British comedian who in lockdown learned about the strange phenomenon of people watching other people play video games.


Noah Falstein mentioned an interesting piece of information at 44:14 on his interview about his amazing continuing journey through the game industry

In fact, later this afternoon I’m going to be working on a collaboration with two of my other friends of that era and it’s still unreleased. So, I probably shouldn’t even say who they are.


A short interview with Bill Tiller (made by the creator of The Shivers):
Meet the Team: Bill Tiller (lead illustrator)

Virtual presentation by David Fox about development of Rube Works VR:

Here is a short in-game video of a development build:


David Fox interviewed at a Spanish event, yesterday.
Questions from the users at 1:11:26 :grin::smirk::yum:
Action figures of Zak collected by now (donated by fans around the world) at 40:00


Tim Schafer talking about Double Fine:

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Did you miss your chance to catch up with Noah last year during his Indy tour with David and ask him that one burning question you have?
Here’s a chance to get an answer!

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Interview with Mike Stemmle (Sam & Max hit the road, Escape from Monkey Island, Telltale games…)

Here’s one with the guys behind Beautiful Desolation.

While I’ve mixed feelings about the game itself, the interview is really fun and touches on quite a few interesting subjects. Some pretty wild adventure game design theories in there, too: “Death as a reward for exploration”. They probably played one Sierra game too many.

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Incredibly Interesting Interview with Interactive Indy Implementor!


An interesting interview with Peter McConnell, mainly about Grim Fandango:

(the interview starts around minute 77).

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