Saturday Questions Interview (David Fox)

On September 22nd night, David Fox will be in Italy (even the walls know it now), as special guest in a totally Zak McKracken’s dedicated night.

There will be the possibility to ask questions to David Fox.
I will be the spokesperson for users of this forum.
Like in the spirit of the Thimbleweed Park Friday Question Podcasts, it will be more fun for David to answer questions on-the-fly, face to face, than in the forum comments.
The whole session will be filmed.

OK, so this is how it works.
In this thread, write a question. Don’t hotlink David’s name, he won’t answer here (otherwise, that question won’t be made for that night) and I’ll grab 10 or so that are interesting and/or informative and/or funny.

You have until 23:59 (CEST) Sunday 16th September to write your questions.
Please, keep them focused on Zak McKracken or the adventure games he was involved in, or anything related to Lucasfilm/Lucasarts.


And I hope you will publish it? :slight_smile:

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Does this count as a question?

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Yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And here are some more:

  • Would you (David) like to do a sequel of Zak McKracken? Or do you think that the story is told?
  • Would you like to do a remake or a modern version of one of your “older” games like Rescue on Fractalus?
  • What can we expect next? Are you planning to develop a new game?
  • Can you imagine to do another adventure game? Or are you more interested in developing games in other genres?

I am imagining myself, in the theater, facing David and saying:

  • “Someone asks: …”
  • “Someone who?”
  • “Someone.”


Feel free to ask them in your name. :wink:

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  • How and who came up with the story of Zak - and especially the Caponians and the telephone hum. :slight_smile:
  • How did the story evolved during the development? For example was the telephone hum planned from the beginning?
  • Can you tell us about a strange source of inspiration for one of your puzzles?
  • What is your favourite last-minute addition to an adventure game that you worked on?

(Oh, and if you get nervous, just imagine all of us cheering you on! :smile: )


(On which adventure games has David worked on? Labyrinth, Maniac Mansion, Zak, Indy III and TWP?)

That is not really a question, is it?
I mean, Wikipedia or Mobygames will tell you too.

Sorry, my fault. Ignore my question.

Thanks for your emotional support! :blush:


You mentioned how difficult it was to make the airplane scene in Zak McKracken. Could you share what problems you encountered?

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  • How many takes did you have to do for your voice lines in Thimbleweed Park?
  • Zak has many dead ends - and some of them are obvious like running out of money. How was the testing process of a game at that time and Zak in particular? Were such dead ends an issue back then or were they accepted by developers and players (the Sierra games had them too)?

Do you consider the fangame “Zak McKracken Between Time and Space” as canon? Why (not)?

  • What is your stance on new age topics, today?

I am asking this because it was your game in part that sparked my interest in these things but it also might with its tongue-in-cheek approach to them (and also the fact that it was a puzzle/adventure game) be in part responible for me being more of a scholar of James Randi than of David Spangler these days. So I guess I turned out to be a skeptic who is nontheless fascinated with these ideas.

So how about you?


The interview to David Fox for these questions is online now!

One day or another I’ll tell you the “backstage part” of this interview… @Festarossa was a witness, too :wink: