SCUMM-8 and Monkey Island + Maniac Mansion mashup demo

SCUMM-8 is a point-and-click adventure game engine for PICO-8, which is a “fantasy console” (you can find more information about that on the PICO-8 website).

In this web page you can play a short demo of the engine that features some Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island locations and characters. There is also a small reference of Thimbleweed Park!

A few screenshots:


The demo was fun to play. Very retro-feel. There’s something attractive about the limited platform. There were a lot fun little jokes, I chuckled audibly with the Licensed copy of Pico-8” you find on the computer room floor.

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Yes, it reminded me of another object: “Non-trademark-infringing Poopsi”. :slight_smile:

I think it would be fun to develop something for this virtual platform. Maybe I’ll give this SCUMM-8 it a try, one day.

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I have “real” PICO-8 Console running with a Raspberry Pi first Generation. Fun little Toy and some realy great games. SCUMM 8 was just relased and I hope there will be some games made with it soon.

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It might be an interesting project to build a PICO-8 with a Game Boy case. Though, the 128x128 resolution bothers me. I would have preferred a slightly higher resolution, e.g. 320x200. Even the original Game Boy has a higher resolution (160x144).
For this reason, I’m hesitating with it, albeit I really like the idea. I would prefer RetroPie. Also if I was a developer of retro games, because of the bigger audience. The Raspberry Pi is already a niche, and the PICO-8 is an even narrower niche. If the specs of the PICO-8 were comparable to those of a console from the late 80s or the early 90s, I would have been much more interested.
By the way, a d-pad might become annoying if you play a point & click adventure game. With due respect for nostalgia, a thumb-stick would be more appropriate for such a game.

(Only just found this post - apparently I should Google my projects more!)

Thanks a lot @LowLevel for posting my SCUMM-8 engine for PICO-8. :smile:
Also, thanks to the others for their kind words.

This project was a whole lotta fun to make (even WITH the severe limitations of the Pico-8 console) and I hope to do more work on SCUMM-8 in future. The hardest part was resisting the temptation to play Thimbleweed Park all the time, as it came out mid-way through the project.

The icing on the cake for me was knowing that Ron Gilbert (and a few other Lucasfilm Games legends) have seen this and seemed impressed. Really made my day/month/year! :relaxed:


I’m writing in this thread again because @Liquidream has recently published a new short Halloween-inspired adventure game using his SCUMM-8 engine. Murder and gore in a dark 8 bits style!


There is even a mention of Ray and Reyes. :wink:

:arrow_forward: Click here to play the free game.

Here is the tweet in which the game was announced: