Sherlock Holmes sale and "The Devil's Daughter" on Gog

Sherlock Holmes and “The Devil’s Daughter” is available on Gog with a small discount …

… and there is a sale of several adventure games, mostly Sherlock Holmes episodes:

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At first I thought that was the Sherlock Holmes by Focus Interactive. That one would interest me because it´s by the same people who make the Call Of Cthulhu game, of which I still have no idea how that plays and I thought I made by able to draw some conclusions from their Sherlock Holmes game. This seems to be something different, though?

You mean this one?

If yes, it’s on sale on GOG:

Seems so, yes. Thanks!

Nice. I got the Blackwell Bundle. I’ve been meaning to check that series for a while now…

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In the current GOG sale I can also recommend “Raven, The: Legacy of a Master Thief” (if you like detective stories):

It has some nice plot twists. :slight_smile: