Should I replay now, or several years from now?

I’m on five weeks vacation starting now. Should I replay TWP now, or save it for the time I’ve forgotten everything about it (~10yrs)? I might have better things to do on my vacation. Not sure what though… nothing better comes to my mind right now… Oh! I could visit Seattle and play TWP park with Ron. And get a restraining order before that, probably.

So, should I replay the game during my vacation?

  • Yes, replay it, guick!
  • No, forget everything, and play it when you are old.

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I´ll say wait a while. Forgetting puzzles goes a long way and most of the fun can be restored. I made that experience with the Monkey Island games. Maniac Mansion and Zak The Giant Monstrous Kraken are too burned into my brain to ever forget them, but it´s really better to forget a bit.

But then again:

+1 on restraining order

(I can´t think of a way I´ll be able to truthfully write that above sentence again soon, it was just too good to pass up)

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Both. Replaying it now will not negatively affect your 10-years-later playthrough.

Also, playing it now makes sense because the game has got a few new additions. And playing it again when the developers will open the Arcade room or add the uncensored Ransome lines would make sense as well.

Sure. He loves inviting “friends”. He’ll let you crash on his couch too.


I played 3 times fully and all of them was fun. One was casual. Play it now! And later too!

Where’s the third option? Now and in 10 years :slight_smile:

If you played it on Easy, then I would recommend playing it again right away on Hard.

I recommend to turn the “annoying in-jokes” option ON", too!

I played first I Hard mode, then on Casual, just to see it. The latter is a lot shorter.

Or you can play it now and NEVER STOP for the next 10 years. Not even to go to the toilet.

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I played it on hard mode first, then the easy mode. I will not turn the annoying in-jokes option off, since they are not annoying. Ergo, I can not do that.

Android and iOS versions will soon arrive, so no need to skip the toilet visits. I’ve played the game on my laptop, and that’s portable too.

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I have 51 hours on steam.

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I’d say do like I’m doing and wait at least until the final major update of the game, with the arcade and all of the other stuff. At least then you;ll have new things to do and you won’t have to play a third time to experience them.

Nah, I’ll just play third time then… I’m already doing the second run.