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TWP - detailed summary?

I played through a decent portion of the game when it first came out, but had to stop before finishing. I would like to continue where I left off. However, I can’t remember what has happened in the story so far. I’d prefer to read a summary instead of restarting the game from the beginning. Is there a summary available somewhere that I can use to refresh my memory? Thank you!

No, AFAIK. But you could read a solution - which is a brief summary of the game. :wink:


Wikipedia is usually a good source for plot summaries, but might be not spoiler safe:

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You could watch and fast forward one of the “Let’s play” videos out there?

The problem is that some puzzles can be spoilt because not everything needs to happen in a fixed act.

Which act did you get to?
Which flashbacks did you complete?
Which characters did you unlock in the present day (well, 1987)?

If you want… post some screenshots of each character and their inventory and to-do-lists. That should give us a good idea of your progress.


@Sushi @LogicDeLuxe @Someone thank you all for the great ideas. The reason I stopped playing in the first place was because I went hunting for a hint and got slapped with a spoiler…I stepped away in an attempt to let time take away the spoiler solution from my brain. It backfired - 2+ years later, I don’t remember the story, but I still remember the spoiler solution. I’ll read the first few lines of the wiki plot and read a few initial puzzle solutions as suggested.

If it’s not too much trouble, can I also take up @Sushi suggestion and perhaps post up some info from my game, and get some help from you guys on my story-so-far?

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There is also an in-game hint system which was added perhaps after you stopped playing (no worries, your savegame should be compatible). So make sure you update the game first.

I imagine those hints are really hints and spoilerfree.

I wouldn’t do that… just post your progress and we can paste here the lines from the wiki.
Unless you want to see some plot spoiler and wait another 2 years to forget :slight_smile: (I am doing the same rest-to-forget after completing the game the first time and wanting to replay it with all the new features that were added later on)




The butler did it.

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