Ron Gilbert is having fun building a top-down RPG engine

I would like to know who did the graphics. :slight_smile:


The art comes from a title set I bought on I imported the entire scripting engine from Thimbleweed, so the RPG is fully scriptable. So far, this is just for fun.



Is that a static map or the game procedurally generates it?

OMG, yes!

It’s not programmer art, is it? If so, you are a talented pixel artist indeed!
By the way, the style reminds me of SNES games.


I must be blind sometimes.

Interesting link, though!

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Keep going. :slight_smile: Those little “just for fun” games could be very interesting and a lot of fun for players too. :slight_smile:


Huh! How about creating an engine that fellow programmers could use to create scripted RPGs?

Great Idea!!

Rupees? I thought u paid Dollars. $$$$ :rofl:

Aren’t there some (open source) engines out there already?

The best known of for 2D RPGs is probably RPG Maker.
Maybe he meant one more in style of TWP?

Interestingly there is one in development called Mage’s Initiation (Kickstarter) which uses AGS! (It’s a ‘Quest for Glory’ type of game.)

Things are escalating quickly. :neutral_face:

I’ll call it…


Bacon, Eggs and Ron Gilbert RPGs are the most important ingredients of a healthy breakfast and a good star for your day!

For me it seems that @RonGilbert is doing a 2D-top-down version of the completely weird adventure-RPG game “Superhero League of Hoboken”. In that game there was a (cite): “… Tropical Oil Man, who defeats villains by giving them high cholesterol …”. AFAIR the pizza man had similar powers…


I don’t understand how I managed to live until now without knowing of the existence of this gem.

The off-beat protagonist is the Crimson Tape, whose power is to make organizational charts. His off-beat companions are the Iron Tummy, who can eat any amount of spicy food without suffering intestinal distress, Treader Man who is a fantastic swimmer, the Tropical Oil Man, who defeats villains by giving them high cholesterol, the Oxide Man who can damage mechanical enemies such as robots etc.

Thank you for changing my life forever.

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You can play it free online. (And I have the boxed version somewhere around…)

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Genius :slight_smile:

I feel I need to play a few Steve Meretzky games!

It seems you are one of 20.000. I’ve read it sold about 20.000 copies.

I remember I have a boxed copy of Eric the Unready (not by Steve Meretzky but by Bob Bates). Replaying it recently, it’s up there with Monkey Island for me, for humor and puzzle quality. That game is a titan. (btw, the gameplay is heavily influenced by Monkey Island. You can feel the shift of gameplay with respect to the previous Bob Bates games)

Yes, it surprised me too. :slight_smile: I’ve bought it in a sale somewhere in Germany, so it should be an even more rare piece. :wink:

I have one too. :wink: The Spellcasting 101 series (by Steve Meretzky :wink: ) should be also very good. Unfortunately I never bought one of these. As far as I remember they were very expensive in Germany…

There is an update about this game and it goes in the direction of that “RPG in which you can do non-usual RPG things” that has been also discussed in this other thread.